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by Erotic Towers Review Team / 15th June 2017

The clitoral truth.

Okay, let’s do the technical stuff first: it’s a state of the art clitoral stimulator that simulates… an intense sucking sensation. Which, of course, may or may not be your thing. But if it is, it’s v. handy for when your partner just isn’t prepared to pucker ‘n suck and when you fancy a bit of me-time. It’s made by a German firm called Satisfyer who, in ever-efficient fashion, have designed it to be waterproof, rechargeable and strokeably smooth.

The only real negative is, due to its innovative ‘air wave’ technology, a bit of a noise problem when turned on – albeit significantly quieter than the original Satisfyer 2, so hey… Vorsprung durch Technik, ja? And when it finds its designated target, that roar becomes more of a purr.

While the Satisfyer Pro 2 is perhaps a little one-dimensional – it’s not about to be your go-to for exploratory play – it is extremely good at what it claims to do. It’s user-friendly with a comfy grip, and boasts eleven different levels of vibrations (in fairness, the louder it got, I did too).

Top tip? Try straddling it. In this instance, gravity is most definitely our friend.

Overall? A solid 7 out of 10.

Made by: Satisfyer

Available for £70.00 at: Sh! Women’s Store

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The clitoral truth.


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