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Translucent Stuff

by Zoë Apostolides / 15th April 2014

Every generation is accused of believing that it invented sex. In the wake of the Olympic summer, however, you couldn’t catch a tube without catching the eye of the blushing person opposite, precariously balancing Fifty Shades of Grey upon clenched knees. This generation’s late teens and twentysomethings might be forgiven for thinking their own, Jane Austen-style ‘coming out’ ball far racier than anything which had come before.

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Personal Massage? Yes Please…

by Erotic Towers Review Team / 24th February 2014

Feeling frustrated? Horny, even? Then the whisper-quiet We-Vibe Touch and Tango both pack a powerful punch, way above their respective weights, yet they can be gentle, too. Not unlike a good masseur or masseuse, come to think of it…

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How to enjoy porn in Bangladesh

by Divya Khan / 3rd February 2014

In a country where heterosexual hand-holding in public is considered distasteful, Lotte Hoek explores an underground culture of ‘cut-piece’ cinema, in which short, pornographic scenes are spliced into a film and shown to audiences behind the back of the draconian censor board. Her book, Cut-Pieces: Celluloid Obscenity and Popular Cinema in Bangladesh is an ethnography of a particular film called Mintu the Murderer, from its production to its reception in Bangladesh.

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Ruin and Metamorphosis

by Bruce Abrahams / 19th November 2013

Among the many illuminations offered by Grayson Perry in his Reith Lectures was that of the artist’s primary function to ‘notice things’. The implication being that unless an artwork leads us to notice something we had not before been aware of or considered it is not really art. It may be great décor or design, but it is not strictly speaking ‘art’. Grayson did not add that caveat but it surely follows that if we are not prompted to think about meaning, the artefact however skilfully contrived is essentially a piece of artisanal craftsmanship, however admirable.

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Lady Alex's Fine Electric Layer Cake

by Erotic Towers Review Team / 13th November 2013

Lady Alex served up Wam Bam Electric with a sort of elegantly disdainful panache. This is, musically at least, a fine tribute to the 80s, energetically performed and bathed in that trashy, flashy period’s disco glitter. But never mind the nostalgia, it’s a superbly balanced show, more cabaret than burlesque, perhaps, but none the worse for that.

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Erotica 2013: From Mega- to, er, Midi-Event

by Jane Fae / 11th November 2013

Will wonders never cease? After several years of not greatly esteeming the brash mega-event that Erotica had become in its accustomed home of Olympia, I was pleasantly surprised by the somewhat more subdued, intimate, sex positive event that was Erotica 2013,over at Tobacco Dock. Whatever can be up?

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That Man, This Woman

by Bruce Abrahams / 8th November 2013

This novel is not the work of a child. If the author could just slow down the chatter she might be a decent writer. As it is, the prose style and the heroine reminded me of Bridget Jones on speed. And overall this 456 page (including bonus chapter with male PoV) is pretty much the same sort of thing; except it has not been written by Helen Fielding.

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T'other club

by Zoë Apostolides / 4th November 2013

At the risk of sounding like the beginning of the Madeline books – ‘in a small room in Carnaby Street all covered in vines’… Well, not quite, but stay with me. This October has witnessed the opening of The Other Club, created by journalists Joy Lo Dico and Katie Glass. It's a tiny, intimate space in Kingly Court: standing in the quad-like space below (it's on the first floor), the doorway is teeming with women: all chatting, laughing, drinking, and having a stonking good time.

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Pussyworld Reclaimed

by Bruce Abrahams / 27th October 2013

Like most men, I suspect one’s support for the feminist cause, however unwavering, has its hot and cold moments. Hot when asked to consider the degree of oppression and disregard with which women’s history and present reality is still so sadly marred. Cooler when the nicely modulated tones of BBC presenters facilitate the plaints of middle class matrons about the lack of females on FTSE 100 company boards. Luckily there is a lot less of that nowadays, partly because of the attention being paid to the more serious matters of FGM and the wider issues of violence against women.

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Good Vibrations

by Erotic Towers Review Team / 25th October 2013

We love the We-Vibe. It’s a fine piece of kit, designed in Canada for couples. Trust those lovely Canadians to come up with the egalitarian concept of shared vibe.  A visit to their site reveals that the We-Vibe is the world's No.1 vibrator for couples that is made from quality materials, so that while manufactured in China there is none of that toxic odour that occasionally emanates from some of the Land of the Sleeping Giant’s erotic products. Perhaps they’ve finally got the message and, using 100% medical grade silicon and being phthalate-free (go on, say it – phth! phth!) it just doesn’t smell. As something of a gadgeteer, I liked the USB-rechargeable We-Vibe’s Apple-esque, elegant packaging, instructions (clear enough, for once) and the clever little ‘egg’ it all fits into, but above all I liked its discretion.

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