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3rd February 2016

Artists are rarely so comfortable in themselves as Victoria Rowley. Legs that are endlessly elegant (CHIC, two down) and a face of incomparable beauty, it’s a wonder that you haven’t come across her before. Perhaps it’s because she’s been up to her elbows in mysterious dyes, colouring silks and studiously creating undeniably erotic images, mixing images of the botanical with the male sex for the last few years. Now she’s managed to get the stains out from her hands she’s doing more than rolling up her sleeves to bring her creations to life.

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Antic Staatsoper: Gods and Myths

10th May 2015

If I don't see Art as a way to turn this world in a better place, I strongly believe that the main role of art is to ask us the good questions about it. Artists have to point out the issues and trouble of our conditions that stop us on our way to the spirituality and universal harmony.

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The art of arousal

3rd October 2014

One of the most talked about exhibitions at this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival, FECK:ART took shape as the area’s emerging artists toiled to answer one question: can art succeed where porn fails: to actually turn us on? Their diverse and dazzling output celebrates ‘beautiful obscenity’ while challenging pornography’s status quo.

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Abigail Ekue: Bare Men

19th September 2014

Abigail Ekue is a New-York based creative whose photography has been widely exhibited in the Big Apple and published by everyone from The Huffington Post to Mouth&Mouth. She uses her camera to explore body image, sex and sensuality, and the visceral human experience.

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Francesca Woodman 1958-1981

15th September 2014

Born in Denver, Colarado in 1958, Francesca Woodman trained at the Rhode Island School of Design and in Rome (1977-78). After her return to the US, she worked as a photographer in New York until her suicide at the age of twenty-two. Woodman’s remarkable black and white photographs often depict the female form and feature the artist as well as other – mostly female – models. These images are often staged in dilapidated interior spaces where the human body is allowed to merge and blend with its surroundings. She produced unconventional portraits and self-portraits in which faces are often blurred or concealed. These eerie, ghost-like images create a strong sense of psychological unease.

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Julie Cook

9th September 2014

Julie Cook is an award-winning artist specialising in photography-based projects and a Senior Lecturer in Photography at University of East London. The politics of looking and the relationship between private and public are amongst the themes that bind together her impressive corpus of work.

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19th July 2014

RORY MIDHANI is a freelance editorial/narrative illustrator interested in telling stories within a single page. The work he enjoys the most is creating scenes of real and imagined places, with an emphasis on character. Click on the image to see more of his amazing work.

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Clarissa Cozzi – illustrator

20th May 2014

CLARISSA COZZI is an illustrator, living and working in Milan. To see her Gallery Feature, click on the image above

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Ingrid Berthon-Moine: Baguette and… Marbles

17th April 2014

'In Marbles, a series of photographs of male Greek marble statues, the images are closely cropped and focus on specific parts of the male anatomy. The final photographs are enlarged with the intention of producing an indecipherable photograph oscillating between landscape and medical documentation.

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Szymon Brodziak shoots 'Lascivious'

10th September 2013

Photographer Szymon Brodziak is Poland's answer to Helmut Newton. An Economics graduate with a passion for photography, Brodziak's evocative images in the past have won him numerous awards. For a slideshow of his work for Lascivious lingerie is available to view here.

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