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The Magic In Her Fingers

by Ali May / 16th June 2018

She bought barberries. She had enough saffron at home. A twenty-kilo sack of smoked rice was still untouched in the kitchen cupboard. She was going to kill the fattest chicken by the fountain, let it bleed out and skin it right there on the mustard mosaics. She was going to disintegrate the bird in four: two legs and two breasts, marinade it in her magic mix. “Magic” he used to call it. It is just a few spices and butter, she’d protest, what’s so magic about it? Your fingers, you’ve got magic fingers, you touch anything and it becomes the yummiest. Saffron, turmeric, cumin, that was it really. But he called it magic.

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“Why should we take advice on sex from the pope?  If he knows anything about it, he shouldn’t! ” - George Bernard Shaw

Love & Sex

With Liberty and Compersion for All

by Karin Jones / 29th May 2018

Compersion is the opposite of jealousy or envy; jealousy being the fear of losing something (or someone) we believe is our own and envy being the pain of not having what one wants. These are both deep-seated evolutionary emotions that have more to do with our fear of not getting enough to eat or being able to procreate with the hottest caveman on the block. Getting over these Neanderthal inclinations is a state of evolution in itself.

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OK, Mr Field

by Henry Coburn / 10th June 2018

Ok, Mr Field is Faber’s Lead Debut for 2018 and, in both its publication in June and serialisation in The Paris Review, it represents the emergence of what we might call Faber’s Lead Debutante – young author Katherine Kilalea. While Kilalea has had a poetry collection published in 2009 and has received preliminary attention from the Southbank Centre and the mainstream press for her writing, all eyes are very much upon the young South African with this slim but promising first novel. If it were the Gala Ball, she would be preparing to make her grand entrance down the staircase in all pomp and circumstance. You can practically hear the creak of necks being craned.

Melissa Broder's The Pisces: very fresh fish…

by Celia Morris / 8th May 2018

Lately, whenever someone’s asked me what I was reading, I’ve told them: ‘A middle-aged woman who starts fucking a merman’. If I were to sit and tell them what The Pisces is really about it would probably take more time than they’d be willing to spare.

This Factory's Production Line Rocks

by John D. Michaelis / 18th April 2018

Anna’s academic husband has lost his job. Anna is an author living in London’s Kensal Rise and mother to two almost grown up children, the eldest at university. Her irksomely wise and maddeningly larger-than-life Italian grandmother must be taken out of an expensive care home to live with them. Suddenly they have no money. Her marriage is rocky. Things look glum, even desperate. So resourceful Anna, whose charm and grace make her friends easily, hits upon the bright idea of a writers’ co-operative which will publish their work on a pay-per-story website.

Preview: Murray’s Club Costume Illustrations

29th March 2018

The sights and wonders of Murray’s Club – London’s first Topless and Cabaret Club, famous for launching the careers of Mandy Rice Davis and Christine Keeler – are available to experience now, and even purchase, at the Museum of Soho.


by Erotic Towers Review Team / 12th January 2018

My eagerness to find out what Jive – We-Vibe’s new sex toy – was all about, led me to whipping out the box in Five Guys, to the horror/delight of my sister. The packaging was sleek, and Jive was nestled inside – a rounded g-spot vibrator with a thin strip of silicone meant to be left outside the body so you can tug the toy out again. Coloured a light, calming blue, it is one of the least intimidating sex toys I have ever seen.

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Thirteen Facts About Victorian Abortion

by Laura Ward / 13th June 2018

In the wake of the historic Irish Referendum, Laura Ward looks back through past societies at the almost unbelievable obstacles facing women in the UK who sought terminations and the bizarre underground culture that rose around them. Abortion was the only medical procedure to be banned by law Far more brutal surgeries, such as lobotomy or clitorectomy, were performed at whim. After the country's separation from the UK (concluded in 1921), Ireland’s eighth amendment had made abortion illegal since 1983, even in the cases of rape, incest and severe danger to the mother. Abortion law still remains unchanged in Northern Ireland.


by Ali May / 28th March 2018

If I told you this would be the last drink of my life, what would you make me? I ask as I sit at the bar stool, beside a towering, bespectacled young bartender. A Negroni, because it is bittersweet, like life itself, he responds without hesitation, as if he gets such strange custom regularly. I have already shed my duvet of a coat, a silly hat with ear flaps, gloves and a scarf that is large enough to cover my entire body. It is a school night, which might explain why I am one of only three punters at Apoteka; the two others sit by the window that overlooks the Vilnius night, slightly muddled by confused snowflakes.

Stationary Banking

by John D. Michaelis / 21st March 2018

A while back, I ordered something from a well-known online stationery firm. It didn’t arrive. So, of course, I went online to ask why. They had run out of stock, they told me, but they had reordered. So I asked them when it would arrive. ‘In a few days,’ typed Customer Service Representative Julie. A month later, still nothing had appeared. So I asked them again and I got this email answer from Customer Service Representative Harriet:

Rhetoric in the Bedroom

by Guy Doza / 7th March 2018

Let’s be honest with ourselves, romance, seduction, lovemaking, mindless fucking, it’s all better when you’re with someone who knows how to say the right things in the right way. I am talking about love letters, I am talking sensual whispers, I am talking about those savage moments when you throw your partner on the bed and start talking dirty. Whatever it is, it isn’t the same without words.

Sexual Despotism: Malcolm Turnbull’s Bonking Ban

by Binoy Kampmark / 20th February 2018

It’s all the rage at the moment, stirring the halls of power in certain countries, and satisfying some sense of puritanical virtue. Bonking is off the cards for politicians – at least in certain contexts, and some states. In Australia, the issue of the Deputy Prime Minister’s relationship with an ex-staffer whilst married persists in gripping politics with what is now a deadening hand. Not, however, for a certain Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull.


by Erotic Review / 13th February 2018

To pay homage to an inspirational woman such as Josephine Baker was a daunting prospect, and something I put off for a while. Not only because of who she was in terms of the history of dance, show biz, and her relevance in black culture but also the political statement of the piece. Firstly I needed to bring together all the elements of the act. The right music, the correct moves and, of course, the persona. I enlisted the help of a dear friend and the head of the Bees Knees, Aliya Floyd. Her expertise in Charleston and the popular dance moves of the time were perfect in what was needed to make a true salute to Josephine. Naturally, I studied her range of facial expressions as well, which I feel is her signature – and a whole piece of choreography within itself.

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Hide and Seek

by Ty Spencer Vossler / 26th May 2018

Lucia found a beautifully hand-written invitation in her graduate-student mailbox. She shared it with me when she returned to our tiny Binghamton, New York apartment:   Dear Lucia, You and Wyler are cordially invited to attend the fifth annual Summer Solstice Festival in our home on the night of the twentieth, beginning at 9:00 PM. Bring your appetite, a favorite wine, and an open mind. We hope to see you here!

—Ben Thomas—


An email address was provided to RSVP.


by M. Earl Smith / 5th May 2018

So, you wanna do this? My phone lit up, the five words in her message giving life to every recent masturbatory fantasy of mine -- fantasies that began when I started dating Sasha six months ago.

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Abigail Ekue: Men Behaving Nakedly

19th June 2017

Abigail Ekue’s Bare Men is showing for the first time outside of her native New York. We take a second look at her work. Why? Because we love it and we just can't get enough of it… Bare Men continues to challenge hegemonic notions of masculinity in a way that is both assertive yet nurturing, capturing the beauty of the male body but also the strength, playfulness, and tenderness of spirit. The result is at times touching, at others, highly erotic. It is always thought provoking.

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