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Nouvelle Vague Erotica: Erika Lust at the Berlin Film Society

by Daisy Bata / 5th February 2016

Hast du Lust, mein Lieber?

Pornography is going mainstream. From the titillating advertising of Poldark to the release of KNKI, the “kinky Tinder”, and Gaspar Noe’s Love using actors performing real sex (in 3D no less), the stiff upper lip of the British public is being teased into submitting. The third wave of feminism has taken sexual liberation by the balls and globally spawned a revolution in pornography and the objectification of women in adult cinema. And shining brightly in the Feminist porn movement is Erika Lust.

As far removed from the satin and diamante image of mainstream pornography as you can get, for the past few years Lust has been turning anonymous fantasies submitted on her website into erotic short films, under the umbrella title of XConfessions. Rather than focussing purely on titillation, Lust aims to empower and educate, whilst stimulating her audience. Models of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and mother tongues adorn the frames of these beautifully shot, and achingly cool 10 minute snaps of pure erotica. Chosen fantasies range from I Wish I Was A Lesbian to Pansexuals and The Art of Spanking, and recently Lust has been moving more frequently into the BDSM world – possibly a side effect of the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon. But this is no pseudo-abusive story of a man stalking a woman, stealing her virginity and then bribing her into a little spanking. This is educated, accurate representations of a darker side to sexuality, using performers who are not only experienced in that world but visibly enjoy it. The clothing is less cheap nylon, more Urban Outfitters. Everything is on trend, from the I Met Your Mother on Tinder,film to the yacht fuck-buddies, and even the sex toys they use. Not only is the content sexy, so is the context. The sun drenched Spanish setting, tanned limbs and sultry accents is enough to get even the most prudish Brit hot under the collar.

Her films have recently pushed the boundaries of more hardcore sex – she’s just done her first anal shoot, His Was First in My Ass, but the films online are short enough to leave you wanting more. Luckily for us, Lust is premiering a selection of Director’s cut’s of her new collection of XConfessions: Nouvelle Vague Erotica, on the 10th of February at the Berlin Film Society in Berlin. As you would expect from one of the most sexually progressive cities in the world, a hotspot for young creatives and queers, and her work catering to this audience, the screening has completely sold out, so Lust is hosting an encore on Friday 12th February at Babylon Kino at 9.45pm. If you are lucky enough to be in Berlin, this is far better than your average Netflix and chill…

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Hast du Lust, mein Lieber?


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