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Good Vibrations

by Erotic Towers Review Team / 25th October 2013

And she’s giving him excitations… the We-Vibe 4

We love the We-Vibe. It’s a fine piece of kit, designed in Canada for couples. Trust those lovely Canadians to come up with the egalitarian concept of shared vibe.  A visit to their site reveals that the We-Vibe is the world’s No.1 vibrator for couples that is made from quality materials, so that while manufactured in China there is none of that toxic odour that occasionally emanates from some of the Land of the Sleeping Giant’s erotic products. Perhaps they’ve finally got the message and, using 100% medical grade silicon and being phthalate-free (go on, say it – phth! phth!) it just doesn’t smell. As something of a gadgeteer, I liked the USB-rechargeable We-Vibe’s Apple-esque, elegant packaging, instructions (clear enough, for once) and the clever little ‘egg’ it all fits into, but above all I liked its discretion. An unsuspecting small or shockable person coming across it might well mistake it for, oh, I don’t know, a gizmo with some vaguely podiatric function: (it’s for Mummy’s feet, darling). So well done, Standard Innovation Corporation! And now over to the test pilot(s)…


Well, it all looked very promising, but how did it perform?  This was a sophisticated piece of kit and, as such, one needs to take it seriously in order to get the best out of it. The first mistake (my partner’s, of course) was that of inserting it upside down, connecting its clit part to the G-spot and vice versa. Despite this, it ended in quite a powerful orgasm for me. Since the We-Vibe actually attaches to the woman’s body in a gentle pinch, not unlike the delicate grasp of an opposing thumb and forefinger (it’s not just humans who have evolved, y’know), it becomes quite personal; the sharing thing should come later. The manual says that initially the woman should spend some time getting used to it and they’re absolutely right – you have to familiarise yourself with the remote control and the different vibration and intensity modes first. The different modes are vibrate, pulse, wave and echo; there are three intensities: low, medium and high. Working out how these functioned optimally for me was tricky (and fun, too), but eventually I got the hang of it.

By the time I’d mastered the controls, I was pretty keen to try it out while having ‘proper’ sex: my partner, although wary at first, rather warmed to the gizmo as we progressed. In fact we both thought that once you’ve mastered the controls, it was pretty damned good. Having done your homework on the remote, you can both concentrate fully on some serious fucking and not which particular ‘tune’ the We-Vibe is currently playing. He found the experience of thrusting against a blob of silicone less inhibiting than expected (even so, an application of plenty of lube for this is advisable), enjoying the vibes in a rather different way to me. And I found that the Vibe really is designed for intercourse, as his penis put the necessary pressure on the internal G-spot stimulator, although a finger isn’t bad either.

Our verdict? Despite its fairly hefty price tag of £125 the pink or purple We-Vibe is well worth the investment for the hours of pleasure it should bring – both practising solo and using deftly and expertly à deux.

Retailing for £125 We-Vibe 4 will be available for purchase from November, for more information visit 


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And she’s giving him excitations… the We-Vibe 4


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