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Tricity Vogue's new album is out today!

19th July 2013

Download it, then vote for your favourite song – and help her launch her new show.

She’s inviting all her friends and followers to help her crowd fund her Edinburgh show AND decide what goes in it.

You can download her new 20-track album HERE, and make a donation to her “Send-A-Diva-To-The-Fringe” Fund.

Tricity continues: “Then have a listen and choose your favourite track. Once you’ve made your mind up, cast your vote HERE. You can see how the voting’s going HERE.
I’ll change the playlist of my Edinburgh show Calamitous Liaisons based on the most popular tunes that day, so every performance will be different, and decided by the audience.
This is a way for you to be part of my Fringe adventure whether you can make it to Edinburgh this year or not. But I hope you can.”

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