Erotic Review Magazine


6th June 2015


Sex entertaining? Well, not for everybody, and not all of the time. Some of us at Erotic Towers (but then they are very old) remember when the government and the judiciary wanted to ban just about everything. This forms the second third of our 15-question quiz.

6.  Which UK film, screened in 2004, showed fellatio, cunnilingus, penetration and ejaculation – the first to contain all these explicit elements?
7.  In 1972, Sir Cliff Richards imposed self-censorship when he discovered that Honky Tonk Angel was, in fact, about a hooker. The Rolling Stones, however, were banned from radio and TV when they brought out a record, which apparently promoted promiscuity: what was its title?
8.  In porn movie parlance, what is the name of a person who helps get male stars hard before they go on camera to do their duty?
9.  In 1954, The Story of O appeared under the name of Pauline Réage. This wasn’t her real name. So what was it?
10.  Who wrote literary porn with Henry Miller in the 1940s for a cent a word, or a dollar a page?

Did we promise that you’d get the answers to Part 1 today? Well, we lied. You’ll have to wait until Monday, when you’ll get the answers to all 15 questions. Tomorrow? our quiz’s last section, Politics.


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