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Gallery: Jose Furtado

2nd August 2013

Erotic, spontaneous and natural...

Jose Furtado says, of his boldly erotic work, that he’s drawn to the ‘spontaneous and natural’. Some of his raunchier collections, featuring people trussed up and suspended from the ceiling, might not initially seem so natural, but that’s probably due to our natural British coyness when it comes the sexual: “…here in Spain we consider the erotic… something daily, without taboos, so for me it is not easy or difficult, just natural.”

His models are friends and acquaintances, and he values them highly, as ‘the only ones who can give life to the picture I see.’ His pictures exude intimacy and familiarity, contrasting the erotic and the ordinary in an utterly charming way.


Contact details and more of the artist’s work can be seen here.

Model Maya Homerton’s website can be found here.

Click on any picture below for a slideshow.


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