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The iGino One has (almost) landed

7th May 2013

Your buzzy little friend… and hygienic, too!

We heard about the iGino One, the clever little sex toy that was crowd-funded, and wrote a news piece about it back in February (when it wasn’t quite ready for actual review) because we loved the ideas behind it. Since then, we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on one: the experience was  worth waiting for and we weren’t disappointed.

There’s something particularly satisfying about powering your sex toy from any USB socket with a plug that flips out of the gizmo’s body. Everyone at Erotic Towers wanted to check it out, and it became something of a conversation piece. And one lucky person got to road test it, and gave it the thumbs up.

From its branding, it’s clear the iGino One is positioned as a lifestyle self-pleasuring gadget. Interestingly, the branding – from the name to the packaging – seems to emulate Apple’s iPhone (but it’s smaller).  And it’s clear a lot of thought has gone into creating an ‘essential mobile gadget’ proposition. Indeed, the iGino One’s ‘take it wherever you go’ nifty case and charger are very appealing. It’s definitely a life-enhancer for the busy female exec, the geek-girl and design freaks of all sexes.

Our only small gripes were that, for such a fun, well thought-out and beautifully-designed toy, the noise factor might have been a shade less, and control of the intensity could have been a tad greater. But otherwise, iGino One’s a winner! We haven’t got a date for distribution yet. The iGino website is here, however.

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Your buzzy little friend… and hygienic, too!