Directionally Challenged

If I ever run out of things I want to try with my lover, give him direction and ask for his, I have either lost my faculties or I’m on my deathbed. read more

The Beauty of Body Mapping


They say if you’ve spent 10,000 hours practicing a particular skill, you’re considered a master, if not an expert. As for sex, you’d have to engage in it for two hours a day for 13.7 years or one hour a day for 27.4 years, meaning most of us who don’t have sex for a living are likely still amateurs. Add to that the constant adaptations to physical changes and different partners and we may never feel we’ve mastered sex. Welcome to the club. read more

Love, Virtually


When I was sixteen, around the time my brother got a TRS-80 personal computer from Radio Shack, one of the high school teachers offered students an opportunity to partake in a matchmaking experiment. We answered a few dozen questions about our likes and dislikes, religious affiliation, and future goals, and our teacher’s mysterious data processor spit out a list of the six opposite sex students with whom we were deemed to be most compatible (when it was assumed one would only ever pair up with a member of the opposite sex). read more

The Freebird Paradox


A few years ago I was so moved by the biopic “Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love," about the complex relationship Leonard Cohen had with his most significant lover/muse Marianne Ihlen, I paid homage to it on my Instagram feed by writing: "Some souls are steadfast and some are restless. Soulmates don’t often live and die together. But they often live and die a richer life." However, one of my followers wasn’t nearly as enamored. read more