West African Scorcher

Our colleagues at Erotic Review Books, over in the West Wing of Erotic Towers, announce that they have been beavering away (no that’s a terrible pun, really, totally unintentional, sorry George, sorry Georgina) to produce a book of the incomparable Nnenna Marcia’s short stories which contains a novella, too. It’s called Africa Hot: West African Stories of Sex and Love and it’s published today. You can download it to your Nook, your Kindle, your iPad or iPhone, indeed once you have purchased it for a trifling £4.30, you can read it on just about any computer or tablet or smartphone you care to. And if you are one of those picky shoppers, you can even download a sample short story, for free. Sheer madness not to. We have, and take it from us, Africa Hot is hot, alright. In fact it’s probably making no small contribution to the current heatwave.

One thought on “West African Scorcher

  • malachi
    September 19, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    I really enjoyed this book. there is a lightness of touch and a tenderness that shows that erotica can be written with viable characters, well realised.

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