More discreet than the cover of Fifty Shades of Grey. And in pink, too…

Here at Erotic Towers it came to our attention the other day that love, genius and really slick design had been, er, tossed into the crucible of invention to form a new sex toy of almost unbearable desirability, the iGgino One.

We loved its discreet size. We adored its two modes – vibraMoove and SkinTouch head. We swooned over its nifty flip-out USB charger.

“Send us one, immediately!” we gasped.
“No can do,” came the reply, “it’s not actually made yet. But we will when it is.”

So we wait, with breath  bated and that tingly feeling you get when you know something good is coming your way, for the iGino One’s moment of arrival. We shall check out its claims with exhaustive testing to see just how this highly original gizmo performs. We don’t expect to be disappointed.

You can find out more, watch the movie and even invest in its creation on its very own Indiegogo page here.