Erotica Writers go West

Ruby Kiddell, who tells us she started writing erotica “in January 2010 to engage the interest of a suitor” has organized Eroticon 2012, an erotica writers and sex bloggers conference, to be held on March 3rd in Bristol. Ruby, author of three published books, has asked such luminaries as Maxim Jakubowski and Zoe Margolis for lectures and workshops. Tickets are £100, which might make them rather more available than the Literary ReviewBad Sex Award’s party invitations, but neither ticket price nor westerly location should be a turn-off for true devotees of the genre. And as if inspirational discussion and workshops weren’t enough to keep the average aspirational sex fiend happy, “there will be a cocktail party with burlesque and readings from some of the UK’s most exciting and sexy writers.” To register, go to:

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