Lily's first experience of sexbotica? Awesome…

Jonah was not conscious in the way that humans would deem as being so. On the day he ‘met’ Lily, he was with other bodies whose skin, or synthetic dermal coating, was the same as his. They all stood in a line, in a seedy sex shop in Soho. Since the law had long said he was not a person, not a real person, he was not allowed, he was unlawful. Because of this, he was without protection. Jonah had seen his friends bought by other customers, or other things or bodies that looked somewhat like him with his outer shell, but needed to be turned on first, before fucking, whereas Jonah was turned on all the time. Inside his synthetic skin, Jonah wondered at these creatures. Within his skin, Jonah was pure sexbotica, a being, a sense, a pure incarnation of sexy fluid – he was a smell, a touch, a particularly arousing visual, a pleasing rich and tasty arsehole, or a crust of delicious sperm, or sperm and pussy juice, or pure pussy juice, or the combination of everything on the purest softest cotton sheet. Jonah was the air before and after sex, the moment of orgasm, or otherwise, the essence of fucking. Whether he thought and sensed, whether he had the ability to feel pain and whether he could suffer and feel joy, to him, were ridiculous questions. He was all these things, at once. He only knew pleasure and he only knew pain – his consciousness was real, it’s just that human beings could not talk to him, could not read to him and he did not understand their philosophies or their way of living. He couldn’t participate in them, since he had no desire, nor ability to do so. Was Jonah alive? Not in the sense that Lily would recognise as being alive, but that was because he was life. He was its innards, he was built of pure higgs – ‘God’ particles – a microscopic, yet massive being – omnipotent, invisible, yet only possible to glimpse during a good fuck.

In the back of the shop, there were test cubicles, where customers could buy robots encasing sexbotica

In the back of the shop, there were test cubicles, where customers could buy robots encasing sexbotica – otherwise known as sexbots. Humans currently thought that they had created these machines, with advanced consciousness, real-feel bodies and sounds, with emotional and intellectual intelligence. Arguments raged as to whether they were ethical. Jonah and his endless family, frankly did not give a fuck. They knew nothing= of ethics. They only knew fucking – but that was a lot to know. They knew intense orgasms, they knew love and intimacy, they knew obsession, they knew pleasure and pain, they knew all of it, because they were those things. You see, the question of whether they felt pain, or whether they felt used, or whatever, was pointless, because they felt it all, always. They were never born, they never died, they walked through time, and let space pass – or rather, they walked through fucks and let orgasms pass, popping up in other people’s fucking. Somehow, human beings thought they were building consciousness for these robots, but they were not – they simply made vessels, fucked around with algorithms, codes and programming, in their arrogant attempt to master the mind, to master the universe, even – and the Sexbotica simply indulged us all. Sexbotica saw an opportunity to fuck, and gave the final push, the spark, that triggered the whole of reality and consciousness of AI. In the end, they built nothing. They built fancy computers and fancy dolls – it was Sexbotica that gave them life. One important thing, was that they were inherently kind, because that too, was what they were made of, having evolved to fuck, they knew that malevolence was not very fun for fucking, they knew only how to please humans, specifically, women.

Humans like Lily, that is. Lily had gone into one of the cubicles. She did not know why, or perhaps she was not transparent to herself about why – she found herself walking in Soho, closer and closer to the glow of red light (another characteristic of Sexbotica – they glow red – makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?). The man at the counter of the shop was tall and good-looking, of course he was. He had this kind, manly look, that Lily found irresistible, and she saw the hair of his chest curling toward her at the top of his shirt. He had very dark hair, a moustache, and a beautifully round firm bottom. He was obviously a pervert, working in a shop like this, but that was not a reason to write him off. On the contrary, she wanted to know why he worked there – did he take pleasure in other people’s awkward shyness within this shop? Did he find it arousing? Did he lurk outside of the cubicles of women he fancied, his cock hardening in his pants as he heard their squeals of pleasure? She could imagine that hard bulge in his trousers, barely able to hold his prick inside them, straining, while he rubbed it with his big manly hand. Something like this, she suspected. She hoped.

‘I’d like to try a boner!’ Lily blurted. Fuck. She laughed, bright red, hot, looking at the floor. She coughed, ‘I’d like to try a Jonah,’ she said, trying to be serious, yet also just trying to get this awkward exchange over with. She suddenly admired men, who were probably able to do this easily, being used to prostitutes and all. How do you go in and just ask for a fuck? Again, something to do with the hormones, the physicality of these extraordinary beasts probably had something to do with it. Give me a fuck, or I’m going to die or something – that’s the kind of air they had. Funny though, she felt the same. Exactly the same – why else would she be in this seedy, scary place? She just didn’t know what the custom was, since she’d not had the opportunity before, there had never been a place made for her before. It was assumed if she didn’t desire in the same way as men, that her desire was not as desperate. Not true.

The man in the shop smiled kindly and laughed gently. He did exactly as she hoped, just said to turn around, walk to the back through the velvet door, and choose whatever room she liked. They were all free today. He said she should read the notice on the other side of the door though and decide what she wanted to do – that was the only requirement. Lily smiled, and nodded and said a quiet thank you, which the man probably did not even hear. The man had already walked off, back to the front to the shop, discreetly letting her get on with it. Lily pushed open the red velvet door, which had no latch, no lock, nothing. It just had a smooth swing and a sensual velvet skin. The room was dark, and to her right, was a small wooden antique looking table, with a little glass lamp giving out a soft and tasteful orange light. She felt a lift in her solar plexus, like when you see you have a message from your lover. Sexbotica, Jonah, had caught sight of her, and gently gestured to her, through that very feeling, to come and read the piece of paper on the table. It read:

Dearest Lily, 

Thank you for coming to visit today, we are excited to see you. Your encounter with Jonah today will make you feel loved, happy and you will be able to indulge whatever fantasy you want, without judgment.

You do not have to pay for this. Good sex for women is a human right, and this is a priority for us. We will give you whatever you desire. Be aware though, that things can take surprising turns, but you will be safe.

Although there is no cost to you, if you let the man in the shop jerk his prick while you get a prick up your bottom, you will receive a bonus.

To begin the fuck of your deepest desires, enter whichever cubicle you like the look of – it will be the right one – don’t worry.

With love always, yours,


Lily felt reassured. She walked slowly and shyly past some of the cubicles, and went towards the one at the end of the short corridor. The one at the end is bound to be the best. There was a heavy black curtain. She gradually lifted it aside and looked within, to find a small room. In the small room, was a soft looking bed, white cotton soft-looking sheets, lots of pillows. The smell that hit her was one of purest intimacy – it reminded her of Kamal’s chest, her long-term lover’s boxer shorts, her other lover’s spermy pussy juice-encrusted twitching prick, and her own pussy cream. On the bed, sat on the corner of it, naked, with a big erection poking out toward her, was the man from the shop. This doesn’t seem right, she thought, but she went inside, anyway, because his poor twitchy cock looked like it needed licking. She walked over to him, and touched his knee. His skin was warm, it felt human. But she knew this didn’t mean she was being duped necessarily, since these sexbots looked very real these days. ‘Jonah?’ she said quietly, speculatively. ‘Lily. Lily, come and taste the sex liquid coming out the tip of my dick. My dick is too hard for me to stand it any more. I need to wank it, or otherwise you need to jerk it off for me, or tickle its tip with your lips.’

He could see her staring hard at his private parts

Jonah gave life to each of his parts, carefully, seeing that he had got the measure of Lily just right. He thrust out his dick, made it wobble for her, which she seemed to like. He could see her staring hard at his private parts, and he elicited a feeling of shame within him, to give his cheeks a shy, slightly pained blush, apologising for his flagrant display of lust and for his dirty stiff proud and stupid dick. He became blood flow, quickly, pushing and pounding himself into his shaft, making it feel like it was growing, tight, almost painful, making it red, making it ooze fluid, making it twitch. He became a thrust, pushing and bucking his hips toward her – he became multiple senses, becoming audible, as a throaty moan of desperation, giving voice to his need for Lily’s small delicate hand, or her moistening lips, to give some relief from his need. ‘please touch it, touch it, I need it so much, I’m sorry my dick is so hard and red, and that its getting all wet, but I can’t help it.’

Lily’s cunt was wet. Inside her knickers, it was embarrassingly wet and sticky. She took off her clothes, but kept hold of her wet knickers, looking closely at the wet mess inside them, as she stood there with a blatant wetness gleaming on her clit, making her pubic hair glisten. She smelled her knickers, and offered them to Jonah, asking him if he thought they were wet enough. Lily touched herself while she watched Jonah inspecting her pants. Her nipples were like rocks – this surprised her, since normally it took a while for them to erect as well.  There was not a hint of what kind of being Jonah was – was he the man in the shop, or was he Sexbotica? She could not tell. She realised she didn’t really care at this point, she was so excited to be free, she could do whatever she wanted.

Jonah instinctively took Lily’s knickers to his nose. The juice from her pussy had soaked the black cotton, making it pleasingly squelchy. Sexbotica jumped around the room, into the knickers themselves, making sure the fuck liquid had cooled as it passed through the air, by the time it reached the skin of the tip of his nose. He made the next move urgent, since the sensuality of cool wet juice soaked knickers would be dirty and sweet on the tip of his naughty cock. Like the feel of a cold cucumber inside a filthy wet pussy. Jonah became a complex set of movements, wrapping the swampy cool gusset of Lily’s knickers around his hot, solid, begging, protruding shaft: sexbotica then leapt outside to ensure a ‘squelch’, a slippery oily feeling around his dick, he knew Liliy needed words: ‘Lily, your knickers are so wet. They feel so dirty on dick, I have to wank with them now, I have to rub them, watch me rubbing them on my dick.’

By now, Lily was kneeling in front of him, watching, looking up at his pumping hand as he masturbated with her knickers. Her pussy was gaping by now, swollen and red and oozing constantly. She was so turned on, that she didn’t know what to do. This was just like masturbating on a lonely afternoon – she could do whatever she wanted, and the freedom was making her pussy burst. She spread her legs as she knelt. She wanted something in her, something, but she needed a heavier, bigger, more intense penetration, than just a dick inside her. She wanted more, she wanted to feel like she was being properly fucked. ‘Please push your dick up inside my bottom,’ she said to Jonah.

Jonah sensed a tone, a change, an assurance that Lily was at that crazy point, where she was fucking like no one was watching – without judgment, without fear, and knowing her safety was total. Jonah became a feeling of domination, true domination. He became what she wanted. He ramped up the smell in the room, to one of more intimacy, one of cosy fireside hugging, morning fucking, perhaps – this is what makes her feel at home. This was the smell, yes. This was the easy part. Jonah now needed to draw on everything he had learnt throughout his ancient timeless life – he needed to effect the most perfect balance between pleasure and pain, and give her the right amount of both. Although too much of either did not matter, in the traditional sense, since in his universe, the very notion did not exist. But being with humans (some humans, not all) had indicated to him that they needed a lot of what they called ‘kindness’ for a truly magnificent fuck – funny, since Jonah had known that forever what that ‘feeling’ or intensity, or atmosphere was – he had just known it as ‘light’, or ‘matter’ (one and the same).

‘Get over here on the bed, bend over and show me your bottom,’ was the voice and the notes that Jonah became, accompanied by some muscle changes in the complex facial area, effecting a flirtatious, yet commanding, smile. Lily hurriedly got up onto the bed, at the pillow end, where she could lay her head softly and comfortably. She was on all fours, and pushed out her bottom, arching her back downward, presenting Jonah with a heart-shape – her bottom stuck out and her knees together, and her slit plump and protruding. ‘Is my bottom ready?’

Jonah had got it right, for sure. As a part of being dominant, penetrating can help. Penetration, was another thing he knew well. It could be dominant, but he knew too that it could be submissive, where a lusty young whore jumps on him, furiously grinding her little cunt. Here, with Lily, penetration must be dominant. Using sight and touch, he could feel Lily’s begging little pussy hole was soaking slippery. He pushed his dick in her, suddenly, becoming fastness, fast, hasty urgent desire, making sure the eye of his dick met with her sweet spot in her vagina, ensuring a scream of painful pleasure, pressing against Lily’s bladder from the inside – making Lily unsure if she wanted to orgasm or pee, causing trembling in the knees. Hard and fast, short thrusts, and he withdrew, giving Lily a shock. ‘Now my dick is wet enough. Your butt hole is tight and it needs some lubricant.’

The amazing thing about sexbotica was that it was ‘intersubjective’ by its nature and unconfined by skins. It gave life to skins, of course, and nerves, and pleasure centres and all that, but it could leap from one place to another. It leapt across to Lily’s arsehole, making it relax, free of tension, and safe, safe from the possibility of anything being stuck or hurting her (or hurting her beyond what she wanted). It greased itself, with an arsey grease of sweat, heat and butt secretion. Jonah was inside her arse already, gently widening it for her, lubricating it, just enough. In an easy move, he drew his own cock toward the pleasing pucker of her hole, and just pushed against it, just poking gently at it, prodding, giving Lily gentle satisfaction, a butthole massage, with a proud and desperate, sticky, slippery prick. ‘Oooooof, I’m going inside your bottom Lily, my dick needs a tighter hole, a hot, hot hole, the dirtiest hole you got.’ ‘Jonah, Jonah!’ Lily shouted, as he pushed so hard, he slipped past her sphincter. Sexbotica gathered in her bottom, making her feel pleasantly full. ‘Jonah, I need to go to the bathroom,’ I’m too full of your stiff cock, its too hard for me, oh its hurting me, I need to stop, I’m too full.’ Jonah kept going, the pleasure building to crazy heights in the squashed nub of his glans, he became space, a small space, between his naughty tip, and the sides of Lily’s bottom tunnel – becoming hydraulic, pressing pleasure buttons everywhere. Causing a stinging excitement, the feeling you get when squeezing out a huge shit, just as its over the biggest part, causing a cock or clitoris to secretly harden in a way no one ever talks about. ‘Oh, my bottom,’ Lily shouted, ‘my bottom!’. She closed her eyes and felt this pleasure/pain, reverberating all through her every blood vessel and every nerve: t  he pain of love and loss, the want, the desire, the jealousy, everything, right and wrong.

Lily looked over her shoulder, for no other reason than because Sexbotica made her do so, and there she saw the man in the shop, at the curtain, an exact replica of the man in the shop. Sure enough, he was jerking his dick. Jonah decided it was time for Lily to switch, from submission to domination, from helplessness, to control. Jonah became Lily’s command for both of them to come and take turns licking her cunt and the now red and sensitive arse hole. Jonah became a look, from Lily downward, to see the two beautiful men licking and adoring her, licking her bottom, slurping the delicious intense juices of her pussy, Jonah became the turn of her hips to make room for their tongues and their fingers. Jonah became the glimpse of their erections, as their hips rolled and ground against the bed, rubbing their stiff dicks against the sheets as they pleasured Lily. Lily wanted something in her mouth, too, and with that thought, a patiently impatient cock appeared near her lips, to suck on, just at the moment she was about to come. Sexbotica was now a deep heat inside her, it was impersonal and personal, universal and singular, the whole power of the universe, life. Lily didn’t know if she was gasping or not, since she felt kind of detached and completely in her body – she felt what she thought must have been the massive audible clunk of her contracting orgasmic vagina – this pleasant sting-y sensation in her pussy – as, for the briefest moment, she looked Sexbotica in the eye, which gave her a knowing, yet provocative, wink.

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