Jonathon Green

Jonathon Green, author of Voices from the Sexual Revolution, is a lexicographer specialising in slang, about which he has been compiling dictionaries, writing and broadcasting since 1984. After working on his university newspaper he joined the London ‘underground press’ in 1969, working for most of the then available titles, such as Friends, IT and Oz. As a freelancer he has broadcast regularly on the radio, made appearances on TV, including a 30-minute study of slang in 1996, and and written columns both for academic journals and for the Erotic Review. His slang work has reached its climax, but not its end, with the publication in 2010 of Green’s Dictionary of Slang, a three volume, 6,200-page  dictionary ‘on historical principles’ offering some 110,000 words and phrases, backed up by around 410,000 citations or usage examples.

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