Erotic Review


Editor: Lucy Roeber

Relationships Editor: Karin Jones
Contributing Editors: Jamie Maclean; Kate Copstick


Welcome to the Erotic Review: a magazine, website and book publishing company that has been running since 1995. We started as the Erotic Print Society newsletter before emerging as a monthly, print magazine under the editorship of Rowan Pelling, amongst others. We have published over 100 books ranging from sex guides to erotic photography to illustrated literary and pulp fiction; we have run an annual photographic prize and sold classic prints and art. In 2016, we collected and edited a book of short fiction with Mariella Frostrup called Desire, published by Head of Zeus. Over the last ten years the magazine has been solely online and free, publishing short fiction, features, book and art reviews and photography. 

In 2023, we are starting a new chapter of the Erotic Review under the editorship of Lucy Roeber. This revamp is part of the long and evolving legacy of a publication and publishing company that celebrates the art and writing that explores desire. Unfortunately, we will not be accepting submissions at this time nor publishing any new work, nor will we regularly be looking at emails. Please bear with us, we need readers like you who are curious and interested in ways the erotic can be expressed through art and ideas. 


In 2020 our website was updated to the latest version of WordPress by Triton TS Ltd who continue to maintain and improve the site (its first version was created by Mark Wales of Smallhadroncollider).






Erotic Review will NOT be accepting any more contributions until further notice.



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