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The Ninety Days of Genevieve by Lucinda Carrington

by John D. Michaelis / 20th August 2012

So rushed were they to reprint this 16-year-old ‘dark, sensual tale of love and obsession’ between City mogul James Sinclair and advertising executive Genevieve Loften, and to get it out there and stacked up next to piles of 50 SOG’s, that there was some confusion over the author’s name. Is it Carrington or Harrington?

Let’s go with Carrington, on the book cover, rather than Harrington, on the publisher’s page. Anyway, she lives in Essex and this just proves that though the phenomenon is new, the genre is as old, if not as the hills, at least as a generation back. Definitely as old as Virgin’s now defunct Black Lace imprint. But for a ‘spanker’ this novel is curiously moribund, though the plot wiggles better than the other 50 SOGgies. There’s a charmingly dated quality in that communications tend to be by ‘mobile phone’ and letters are delivered ‘by courier’. Texting and emails were merely twinkles in James and Genevieve’s eyes.

The flat of his hand landed on her bottom and she yelled in startled surprise. She kicked out but he moved expertly and trapped her legs between his own. His hand landed three more times in quick succession. They were sharp, hard blows and yet the stinging pain, and the uncomfortable position he had trapped her into, aroused her as much as a soft caress.

Ouch! But please don’t stop! Yes, do. No, don’t. No, do. Oh, I don’t know…

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