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Personal Massage? Yes Please…

by Erotic Towers Review Team / 24th February 2014

The sex toy industry just keeps getting better and better. Here's why…

Feeling frustrated? Horny, even? Then the whisper-quiet We-Vibe Touch and Tango both pack a powerful punch, way above their respective weights, yet they can be gentle, too. Not unlike a good masseur or masseuse, come to think of it…

We were thrilled to receive these ‘personal massagers’ to add to our list of favourites. But these weren’t the sort that look expectant, as if they consider a large tip on top of their fee or a quick blowjob to be a suitable reward for performing their service. These (non-human) personal massagers were sent for review by We-Vibe,  a Canadian company whose products we have already admired.

The aptly-named Touch is, indeed, a pleasure to hold: despite its compact shape, it carries a pleasing weight; it has an ergonomic contour that fits nicely in the palm of the hand, and is pliable enough to possess a slight ‘give’, creating the sense that it moves with your body.

The Tango is a bit more glamorous in appearance: shaped like a lipstick (ours was a dusky rose colour); also aptly-named, the Tango feels more intense than the Touch. Really – for its size, its power is simply amazing.

Both come with an impressive array of different vibration modes – eight in all – and you begin to marvel at the technology that’s packed into such a tiny space.

And with different colours to choose from, they look good. Unlike earlier vibrators, these are unlikely to induce hysterical giggles in anyone who inadvertently comes across them.  Nor will the person the other side of your bedroom wall start banging on it to stop you making ‘that awful buzzing noise’.

Since they’re 100 per cent waterproof, you can wash both these gizmos under a tap and, if you’re so inclined, take them into the bath or shower with you.

No batteries to worry about, but there’s a nifty little docking pod for charging that comes with each. The docking pod/plug, and the Touch or Tango themselves all fit into a white satin drawstring bag for easy and discrete storage. Well done, We-Vibe! 

Oh. One last thing: just don’t forget to charge them or you’ll have a temporary personal massager crisis. Now that can be really frustrating. 

Shop around for prices, the best we found (after minimal research – you may do better) were at Passion8, at £39.99 for the Tango and £49.99 for the Touch. Free p&p if your order is over £55.


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The sex toy industry just keeps getting better and better. Here's why…


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