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Comedy and a Balcony Scene

by Jo Wilding / 21st November 2012

Bath time: Tim Key cleans up at The Arts Theatre

Tim Key knows how to make an entrance.  He taps his baton (shades of Harry Potter and a maestro conductor) against the gallery railing and a plan of the auditorium pops up on a large screen.


His route to the stage appears in felt-tip, (tap) annotated with high fives and other, more ambiguous gestures.  Genius.  And it only gets better.

Billed as ‘bath-obsessed’ (‘I thought he meant the town!’ I say to my companion on seeing the set; not my brightest remark of the evening), Key pitches his bizarre fascination just right.  Take it from someone who likes a shower.

‘How many baths do you have a week?’  he barks at an audience member.

‘Two – three.’

‘You do like a bath.  Every other day… Me: 20!’

See the show and you’ll come to realise how he arrived at that figure.

It’s appropriate subject matter for a comedian who manages to be both very funny, and relatively clean.  Key is known for his short poems (‘some are autobiographical, some are biographical, some miscellaneous; this one’s all three’).  For the show, he has backed them onto provocative postcards, a process which he describes in hilarious detail.  My favourite joke of the night relates to one of a half-naked body builder, but then I do work for the Erotic Review.

Key lends an imaginative, artistic dimension to his stand-up, incorporating short film, music, and physical theatre (a term I’ve no doubt he would find eminently mockable).  It’s a brave fusion of genre, and it works a treat.  The Arts Theatre is currently showing Beckett’s ‘All That Fall’ alongside Key’s ‘Masterslut’, a name which I’m not convinced does the show justice.  OK, so I’ve always chosen comedy over theatre, but Key offers a good balance of the two.  You won’t be disappointed.


Tim Key – Masterslut at The Arts Theatre until Saturday 24th November, tickets from £14.  For booking and more information, click here.

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Bath time: Tim Key cleans up at The Arts Theatre