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Broken Boundaries by Tiffany Yorke

by John D. Michaelis / 20th August 2012

Yikes! It’s email-based (this style should be banned) cougarporn! We learn all about Tiffany’s Year As A Slave (or at least a Submissive). And OMG, is it boring. Half the time she’s wittering on to her girlfriend ‘Sweets’ via the Interweb. At the beginning, Tiffany claims to be a bit of a foodie, so expectations are high when, after a couple of false starts, she ends up with a more petite version of Marco Pierre White dans la belle France.

Formidable! Things are looking up.

Cue for a submissive-Nigella-meets-dominating-Marco fantasy, but no, nothing doing. Swordfish and mango (yuck!) is about the best thing on the menu and whatever Tiff’s descriptive powers might be, they sure as hell don’t run to gastroporn. The only meaningful exchanges between ‘Maître’ (aka Napoleon) and Tiffany (aka ‘Darlina’ ) is of the BDSM variety. They tend to be quite dull and remind us how irritatingly needy slaves are. Small wonder their doms hit them all the time. Never hard enough, if you ask me.

Swordfish almost ready and I ask him if he would like a glass of wine with his food. He nods yes. So I get out two wine glasses and ask, whilst pouring if I may have a small glass as an apero. He looks up from his computer and before he answers, I say “Well I might as well have one, because if I ask you, you’ll only say no.” For a brief moment I was foolish enough to think that I might have some sort of say in what I pour down my throat.

And that’s when he started to lay into me with both the crop and his mental control.

Tiffs always refers to the wine they drink as just ‘wine’. Can’t we at least know what sort of wine? A divine, almost edible Chablis? An unforgettable Cheval Blanc? A Sauterne to die for? No, apparently we can’t. Now that’s what I call ‘mental control’.

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