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Midlife Dating: It's an Attitude

by Karin Jones / 4th May 2017

Many who write about online dating seem to be tolerating, with teeth clenched and assholes puckered, the chore of dating. What a waste.

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The Sweet & Savory of Slow Sex

by Karin Jones / 5th April 2017

The few times I’ve had a man look into my eyes when he’s coming he wore an expression that said, ‘Good god, my balls are being electrocuted.’ Practice I say, practice.

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Fidelity vs Monogamy: Do You Need Both?

by Karin Jones / 15th March 2017

Saying you're open can come across as a justification for sleeping around, imply you don't have the emotional skills to commit to a ‘real’ relationship, or that you're so bent on living a life less ordinary that you're willing to suffer through the heart stomping emotion of knowing your partner is fucking someone else.

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Porn (Somewhat) Reconsidered

by Karin Jones / 1st March 2017

Do I want to leave my child's sex education to the capricious variety of sexual activity online? Do I want my daughter to start fucking her urethra with a dildo without being warned that this practice could lead to incontinence?

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Get Dumped with Grace

by Karin Jones / 15th February 2017

So I swallowed my pride (when I could finally keep things down) and told him it was OK. You’ve got to go with your gut. And besides, I was probably better off with someone who had a body mass index close to my own.

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Dating: a historical perspective

by Nichi Hodgson / 9th February 2017

The Georgians were head over heels for Lonely Hearts adverts, while the first ’90s speed-daters were actually the congregation of a Beverly Hills rabbi who had been implored to help them find spouses. What do they have in common? Both sets of love-hunters were clear about how serious they were from the start and thought the 'let's see where this goes' line was a complete waste of their time. We've come to believe that being upfront about wanting marriage and kids comes across desperate, especially if you’re female. But following the historical example, I started to sound people out very casually but quite rapidly as to what they were looking for long-term. It worked. The people who eventually wanted marriage and kids didn’t have a problem sharing that. And the way they said it – with embarrassment, hesitation, or even too much eagerness – gave me even more information about the gap between their idealised intentions and their readiness to make them happen.

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The Woman Divide

by Karin Jones / 1st February 2017

She got out at the next stop before I’d had a chance to pick my chin up off the floor. Then I heard that unfiltered voice inside my head say, ‘Goddamn, idiotic woman!’

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How to be a Good Flirt

by Karin Jones / 18th January 2017

I once dated a man who really knew how to flirt. He’d lean in to speak, took genuine interest in what was being discussed, would give compliments easily without being obsequious, and knew just when to graze a knee or brush an elbow. And this is only what I observed from across the room.

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Love Sex? Quit Watching Porn

by Karin Jones / 4th January 2017

The last thing you want getting in the way of good sex is a brain numbed by images of impossibly gorgeous plumbers banging hairless pudendas on the kitchen counter.

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The Gift of Generosity

by Karin Jones / 14th December 2016

When you let go of your expectation of how another person should act towards you when they’re flipping their lids, not only will you diffuse a ratcheting up of the tension, you will experience the utter jaw-dropping joy of keeping your shit together. And that, my friends, is grace.

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