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With Liberty and Compersion for All

by Karin Jones / 29th May 2018

Compersion is the opposite of jealousy or envy; jealousy being the fear of losing something (or someone) we believe is our own and envy being the pain of not having what one wants. These are both deep-seated evolutionary emotions that have more to do with our fear of not getting enough to eat or being able to procreate with the hottest caveman on the block. Getting over these Neanderthal inclinations is a state of evolution in itself.

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The Kids are Alright: The Future of Sex

by Karin Jones / 4th May 2018

Virtual Reality Sex isn’t so much the future as it is the now, with the estimated allure and revenue of VR sex predicted to be eclipsed only by video games and the American NFL.

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Which Comes First? Arousal vs Desire

by Karin Jones / 16th April 2018

The things that propel us to seek out sex, desire and arousal, are funny partners. As we age, they don’t seem to visit so often, and not always in the same order.

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Micro-Cheating: Is This the New Puritanism?

by Karin Jones / 23rd March 2018

But let’s agree, at some point over the years of a long-term relationship, we will very likely become attracted to someone else. We might become besotted, obsessed or flirty. Our mouths may go dry at the sight of a forbidden crush. Some would say this is micro-cheating and you should feel bad. I call bullshit. This is normal. What we do with it is what counts.

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Attraction and the Neanderthal Brain

by Karin Jones / 2nd March 2018

Take your time to assess not the size of their bank account but the size of their heart; not the depth of their pockets, but the depth of their character. Because, honey, you’ve got a few more decades to go, and you wanna be with someone who sees your laugh lines, not your wrinkles.

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The 'Do Something' Principle of Sex

by Karin Jones / 15th February 2018

Don’t feel like having sex? Tough. Just do it. That’s the whole point here. Because what research has found is that the more sex you have, the more you’ll want to have sex and the happier you’ll become.

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The Four Agreements of Internet Dating

by Karin Jones / 3rd February 2018

Every time I got an uneasy feeling listening to a man’s voice on the phone, the date was a bust. That’s not to say the ones who sounded lovely were always winners, but at least I didn't waste my time with a man who made me feel like pulling out my own ears.

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The Affair as a Symptom Not a Disease

by Karin Jones / 20th January 2018

There are too many people these days (heads of state, for instance) who believe it’s ok to lie and lie and deny and deny. But that is a slippery-ass slope down the Valley of Doom when we bring that attitude into our close relationships.

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Why women should masturbate more…

by Celia Morris / 7th January 2018

“I found out something about my housemate the other day,” a friend says to me. We’ve been sitting in Wetherspoons for the past hour, talking about porn; I feel we’re comfortably past the point of being able to shock each other. “She’s never masturbated.”

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Love in the Time of Coercion

by Karin Jones / 11th November 2017

My heart broke a little for this man, and so many like him, who are feeling nervous now about engaging erotically with women for fear that they’ll not only be rejected but accused. Conscientious men like him are not the problem. And yet he is scared.

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