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The Woman Divide

by Karin Jones / 1st February 2017

She got out at the next stop before I’d had a chance to pick my chin up off the floor. Then I heard that unfiltered voice inside my head say, ‘Goddamn, idiotic woman!’

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How to be a Good Flirt

by Karin Jones / 18th January 2017

I once dated a man who really knew how to flirt. He’d lean in to speak, took genuine interest in what was being discussed, would give compliments easily without being obsequious, and knew just when to graze a knee or brush an elbow. And this is only what I observed from across the room.

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Love Sex? Quit Watching Porn

by Karin Jones / 4th January 2017

The last thing you want getting in the way of good sex is a brain numbed by images of impossibly gorgeous plumbers banging hairless pudendas on the kitchen counter.

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The Gift of Generosity

by Karin Jones / 14th December 2016

When you let go of your expectation of how another person should act towards you when they’re flipping their lids, not only will you diffuse a ratcheting up of the tension, you will experience the utter jaw-dropping joy of keeping your shit together. And that, my friends, is grace.

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The Desire Divide

by Karin Jones / 30th November 2016

Good sex is not about having a great body and a high aerobic threshold. It’s about finding a partner who is giving and game.

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Dump Your Invisible Girlfriend

by Karin Jones / 16th November 2016

Texting with your Invisible Girlfriend will teach you as much about real life dating as walking along the river will teach you how to swim.

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Sense and Sexuality

by Karin Jones / 4th November 2016

Maybe feeling like you’re all vagina doesn’t have appeal. But consider the possibility of a completely new experience of sex by removing one sense or focusing on another.

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Monogamy or Bust? Let's Reframe the Affair

by Karin Jones / 21st October 2016

If having an affair is an indication of wanting to be someone else - the passionate, desired, alive person that many people describe how they feel in affairs, don’t ask what is wrong with wanting that. Ask how you might frame an affair to be a life affirming experience, one that injects new energy into every facet of your life, including your marriage.

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The Ultrasonic Truth About Squirting

by Karin Jones / 7th October 2016

Maybe it’s such a turn-on to men because, unlike a moaning, table-slapping, Meg Ryan orgasm, a woman simply can’t fake 100 cc’s of liquid blowing like a firehose across the room from her vagina.

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The Anatomy of Attachment

by Karin Jones / 22nd September 2016

Maybe it was because I didn't train to become a brain surgeon, but no one ever explained the seat of the emotional self to me in medical school. Our cadavers’ brains remained untouched. And for most of my life I’d never given much thought to what I’d heard referred to as the Limbic System. That was the part of the brain that ruled emotion, motivation, behavior and long term memory. That was all too touchy-feely. And not something I was going to get into with someone during a fifteen minute office visit.

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