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Your Brain on Lust and Loss

by Karin Jones / 25th April 2019

Whether you’re high on love or in the dumps from loss, keep reminding yourself that this state is temporary. The real work and reward comes after the highs or lows have past.

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Infidelity Files Part 2: On Walking Through Fire

by Karin Jones / 13th March 2019

“Once divorce carried all the stigma. Now, choosing to stay when you can leave is the new shame.” How about we wrestle with our shame and discover who we are in the aftermath. It could be amazing.

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The Varieties of Orgasmic Experience

by Karin Jones / 11th February 2019

Some say female orgasms are an incentive to have sex for reproduction and bonding, but there’s little support for this, especially given we’re one of the most promiscuous animals on the planet. And because our orgasms are utterly unreliable, if women needed to have an orgasm to reproduce there would be, like, fifteen people in the world.

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The Infidelity Files, Part 1: The Cheater

by Karin Jones / 16th January 2019

If one person in a marriage is routinely withholding sex and the other seeks it elsewhere, is only one to blame? Certainly one person is being cheated of a vow of sexual fidelity. But isn’t the other being cheated of sex?

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Talk Dirty to Her

by James Pierson / 14th January 2019

With budgets ever tighter, journalists ever worse paid, real reportage is increasingly squeezed out in favour of reproducing press releases, running safe and easy to produce fluff. A great example of the latter is the survey, and the Daily Star newspaper produced a corker post-Christmas. For apparently the paper, in an EXCLUSIVE poll, has discovered the four words women most love to hear during sex.

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The Thermodynamics of Love

by Karin Jones / 19th December 2018

Having been raised by a well meaning, psychotherapist mother, I was conditioned from an early age to believe that relationships require work, sometimes quite a lot of it. But when things felt rather shitty with the man I was trying to ‘work on it’ with, I began to question just how much work any relationship should require of us. If I’d considered the net energy gain or loss of the relationship earlier, I might have saved myself a lot of grief.

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The End of Sex?

by Karin Jones / 5th December 2018

We browbeat our kids to practice violin and get good grades. Why not get a little more encouraging of their love skills? 'Whether you practice with one person or one hundred, you’ve got to put in the hours' is my mantra.

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Sex and Civic Responsibility

by Karin Jones / 12th November 2018

As a liberal I’m more likely to fantasize about activities involving BDSM, power play, spanking and pleasure in the form of pain. I suppose he’s onto something because I can’t imagine anything more pleasurable right now than crushing Donald Trump's balls with my bare hands and watching him fall at my feet, red faced and begging for mercy.

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The Revolution is About to Devour Its Young

by Karin Jones / 5th October 2018

What’s going on in America is herd mentality, a ‘You’re either with us or against us’ attitude that leaves no room for dissent and paints equivocation as a lack of support. I support women who have been abused and traumatized. I support men who have been falsely accused. I hate it that politics and justice are being sullied by the kangaroo court of public opinion.

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What Do Men Want?

by Karin Jones / 21st September 2018

Outrage begets outrage, and as the list of male abusers continues to grow, it almost feels irresponsible, as a woman, not to join in on the shaming. I don’t want to go there. I want to listen to what men have to say. If I think they’re full of shit, I’ll tell them nicely. But until a person feels heard, we can’t possibly expect to understand their story.

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