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The End of Sex?

by Karin Jones / 5th December 2018

We browbeat our kids to practice violin and get good grades. Why not get a little more encouraging of their love skills? 'Whether you practice with one person or one hundred, you’ve got to put in the hours' is my mantra.

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Sex and Civic Responsibility

by Karin Jones / 12th November 2018

As a liberal I’m more likely to fantasize about activities involving BDSM, power play, spanking and pleasure in the form of pain. I suppose he’s onto something because I can’t imagine anything more pleasurable right now than crushing Donald Trump's balls with my bare hands and watching him fall at my feet, red faced and begging for mercy.

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The Revolution is About to Devour Its Young

by Karin Jones / 5th October 2018

What’s going on in America is herd mentality, a ‘You’re either with us or against us’ attitude that leaves no room for dissent and paints equivocation as a lack of support. I support women who have been abused and traumatized. I support men who have been falsely accused. I hate it that politics and justice are being sullied by the kangaroo court of public opinion.

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What Do Men Want?

by Karin Jones / 21st September 2018

Outrage begets outrage, and as the list of male abusers continues to grow, it almost feels irresponsible, as a woman, not to join in on the shaming. I don’t want to go there. I want to listen to what men have to say. If I think they’re full of shit, I’ll tell them nicely. But until a person feels heard, we can’t possibly expect to understand their story.

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50 Shades of Matrimony

by Karin Jones / 1st September 2018

When we’re big into someone, our frontal lobe essentially shuts down. We’re incapable of seeing that person’s faults early on and we’re so high on the ‘rightness’ of our bond that we’re convinced we’ll easily avoid the troubles of lesser human partnerships. But we’ve got to wipe that haze from our brains and read this book before we sign a marriage certificate.

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The Semantics of Sexuality

by Karin Jones / 13th August 2018

When considering the relationship choices we now tolerate in the 21st century - homosexuality, bisexuality and trans-gendered identities - it’s clear that love comes in as many different varieties as spaghetti sauce; we just need to become more familiar with their unique ingredients.

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Let's Get Over Our Genitals, Shall We?

by Karin Jones / 13th July 2018

The other day in my Twitter feed there was news that Missouri researcher Alicia Walker, PhD was calling for men to send her photos of their penises. Sadly, a few days later, she shut down the study because of public backlash and hate mail. Sigh... Only in America would this topic cause indignation.

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Sex, Lies, and Laying Blame

by Karin Jones / 25th June 2018

Interviewing a liar might be the most fruitless thing I’ve ever done, so I don’t quite know how accurate data regarding deception is, since my liar was as charmingly cagey about his lying as he had been about his previous ‘truths’.

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With Liberty and Compersion for All

by Karin Jones / 29th May 2018

Compersion is the opposite of jealousy or envy; jealousy being the fear of losing something (or someone) we believe is our own and envy being the pain of not having what one wants. These are both deep-seated evolutionary emotions that have more to do with our fear of not getting enough to eat or being able to procreate with the hottest caveman on the block. Getting over these Neanderthal inclinations is a state of evolution in itself.

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The Kids are Alright: The Future of Sex

by Karin Jones / 4th May 2018

Virtual Reality Sex isn’t so much the future as it is the now, with the estimated allure and revenue of VR sex predicted to be eclipsed only by video games and the American NFL.

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