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by Jane Ions / 23rd February 2017

Back to normal? Hardly.

Rather touchingly, we were all at home for the day of the count.  Ella came round, and Laura.  Dan, Chrissy, Sophie and Baz were all here.  It became a party, long before the result came in.  I wasn’t sure about opening the champagne after lunch, but events were gathering a momentum, and there was no stopping them.  The television was on, of course, although there was so much noise I didn’t hear much of it.  There was a taxi coming for me at two, so that I could be there with Bill for the announcement.

Jen sent me a text, ‘Exciting eh?  Are you nervous?’  I texted back to say, ‘Yes, very.’

Sophie and Ella wanted to know what I planned to wear.  I tried a few things on, and they picked something out for me.  They told me that my chosen outfit made me look too formal and stuffy, and they were both so much in agreement, I took their word for it.  So I left wearing something comfortable, and that was good, because it was a long, long afternoon.


I was glad everyone (except Ella, Dan had taken her home at eight o’clock), was still here when we got home, and hadn’t left.  They were determined to party.  Sophie was emotional when we first got back, but soon regained her composure.  Dan and Bill slapped each other on the back and said bracing, manly things to each other, and Laura gave Bill a hug and said she was glad it was over.  Bill smiled and looked absolutely fine.  No hint of what he’d said to me in the taxi on the way home.  Amazing really.  I don’t know how he manages it.

We drank toasts, and laughed, and Baz told some jokes and Bill rang Ella and spoke to her for a little while. Sophie sang, ‘I Will Survive’ and we all joined in.  At gone one o’clock, we went to bed.

Jen texted the next morning and said, ‘I expect things will get back to normal soon?’

And I replied, ‘Not if I can help it.’    Because just for the record:





Erotic Review is pleased to have hosted ‘Sally Forth’ for these many months. We look forward to seeing what she gets up to next! Sally’s Diary had been a story told in serial form. To start from the beginning, click here.

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Back to normal? Hardly.


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