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Heckle me bad

by Nichi Hodgson / 28th July 2010

At the overripe age of 26, I thought I’d reconciled the matter of heckling. As a teenager, I was coyly curious. As an undergraduate I was livid. Now, as a sputtering, City-liveried journalist, I say hit me up, 'gentlemen'. (Particularly if I’m chuggling back to my desk after lunch, light as a strong, long, large cafe latte.)

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Monday 3rd May

by Sophie Titwank / 4th May 2010

I think I’m in love! With Gordon Ramsay. It’s all very strange because I am not normally attracted to a face that hangs loosely off the front of the head, looking like it’s waiting for a man with a mouthful of pins and some french chalk to come round and adjust it to fit. I haven’t met him, of course. But MWAH! was handling the launch of ‘Wasted’, the new Girl Power Glossy – all spatchcocked footballers centrally spread, female ejaculation ‘how to’ features and a Lager of the Month - and I had to create the eats.

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