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Prohibition Party

by C.J. Lazaretti / 6th October 2010

If the fruits of our permissive times are not sweet enough for you, get a taste of the forbidden variety at London’s Prohibition party. With a 1920s theme colouring everything from the music to the menus, the monthly do is the premier destination to revel amidst throngs of pearly, feathered flappers and slick latter-day Al Capones.

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Protest the Pope: Relief-O-Matic

by C.J. Lazaretti / 14th September 2010

Good causes don’t often get to be this fun. Or this good, even. Organized by the British Humanist Association as part of the Protest the Pope series of events, Relief-O-Matic gathered an impressive roster of comedians and entertainers to commemorate Herr Ratzinger’s outstanding record in reproductive rights, sexual tolerance, AIDS awareness and the curbing of paedophilia around the world.

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Heckle me bad

by Nichi Hodgson / 28th July 2010

At the overripe age of 26, I thought I’d reconciled the matter of heckling. As a teenager, I was coyly curious. As an undergraduate I was livid. Now, as a sputtering, City-liveried journalist, I say hit me up, 'gentlemen'. (Particularly if I’m chuggling back to my desk after lunch, light as a strong, long, large cafe latte.)

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Monday 3rd May

by Sophie Titwank / 4th May 2010

I think I’m in love! With Gordon Ramsay. It’s all very strange because I am not normally attracted to a face that hangs loosely off the front of the head, looking like it’s waiting for a man with a mouthful of pins and some french chalk to come round and adjust it to fit. I haven’t met him, of course. But MWAH! was handling the launch of ‘Wasted’, the new Girl Power Glossy – all spatchcocked footballers centrally spread, female ejaculation ‘how to’ features and a Lager of the Month - and I had to create the eats.

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