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Night of the Sex-Sational Senses!

by Jamie Maclean / 18th May 2011

Sasha Selavie tells how it will be…

Do you fancy Ancient, Roman excess with 21st Century, dildonic panache? Don’t despair – there is steam-heat exoticism in this town. Hail the Night Of The Senses, an annual, erotic extravaganza that makes the Marquis de Sade seem like Paris Hilton. Well, where else could you find Handisex, a group catering for disabled people incapable of masturbating? Or sex worker Kitty Stryker, offering erotic touch therapy for trauma victims? Celebrating diverse sexuality and eroticism in every possible aspect of life, from performance to sex-working, sexual activism and free speech issues, the event’s part of 2011’s Erotic Awards. So, you want contenders to blow – or at least, penetrate your jaded, R18 psyche? Then feast on these tender sweetmeats, darlings, the mere tip of a sexual iceberg way too big to fully insert.

Fancy gorgeous, FTM, auto-erotic rope suspension? Then you’ll adore Boykitten, while confessional, male striptease Drew Passion will lure you into his web of lust. Meanwhile, lounge on the fetish furniture of Infernal Mechanix, slip on ‘s recycled, leather and rubber corsets made by Engineers Of Desire. Elsewhere, Gutterorchid’s Robert Mapplethorpesque, lovingly lit shots of scrotums beckon like ripe plums, while penis chandeliers, courtesy of Swallow & Bone, will light your way to lusty excess. And lovers of clit and dick lit will lap up TS activist Kate Bornstein’s pan-sexual rants, and blogger Lippy Girl’s praises of preferably prehensile labia and the way male foreskins suffer excruciatingly bad press. Still, if you’re in need of personal consolation, sex-worker Phoenix explains why he’s eager to kiss, while vintage, cult films like A Real Swinger’s Party In San Francisco exposes modern porn as soulless garbage. Intrigued? You should be, so make tracks to Electroworkz, 7, Torrens Street, Angel N1, Friday, May 20th from 9pm-6am, tickets essential. Believe me, there’s a whole encyclopaedia of eroticism willing to be entered…

Night of the Senses; Friday 20th May, 8pm to 6am

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