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New Dating Survey Reveals Top Three 1st Date Faux Pas

26th April 2013

A brand new dating survey has revealed the top three faux pas to avoid on a first date. In a poll of hundreds of singletons, a trio of conversational errors were deemed to be the biggest barrier to a second date, easily topping niggles such as talking on a mobile or texting during the meeting, tardiness and dress sense.

In the study, carried out by elite dating agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership, more than 200 daters were asked what they would find most off putting on a first date. All agreed that a partner who talked non-stop about themselves was unattractive, unappealing and the quickest way to bring the date to a premature end. Female respondents were most vocal on this matter, with 100% saying that men who regaled them with life stories, career histories and family tales on the first date would be unlikely to get a second chance.

Dating expert Natalie Bystram, co-founder of Bowes-Lyon Partnership said, “The results of our dating survey have been a real eye-opener in terms of where daters draw the line and what pet hates are enough to bring a budding relationship to a halt almost before it’s started. People talking non-stop about themselves was particularly problematic for our female respondents, who complained much more then male participants about the ‘me, me, me’ conversation. Obviously it’s good to be open and talk in moderation about yourself, but it needs to be balanced with relaxed questions to the other party as well as lots of listening.

Based in London, Bowes-Lyon Partnership is a professional dating agency which specialises in bringing accomplished individuals together. As well as the matchmaking service, members also enjoy unrestricted access to a crack team of dating experts, including life coaches, stylists, lifestyle gurus, health and fitness consultations.

So, what exactly are these hallowed secrets of dating no-no? Visit HERE for more info. 

And here at Erotic Towers we’ve had our fair share of first-date mishaps and mares. Our top five ways to avoid early disappointment:

1. DON’T MENTION THE EX. Nobody wants to hear about past paramours. Especially if this is going to lead to bouts of howling into the communal hummus. Call a cab immediately, should this occur.

2. Don’t come on too strong: a casual tit-brush or trouser ogle is weird this early on. Resist! Remember, retardati gratificantes.

3. Brush teeth. If garlic has been consumed, just reschedule. It’ll turn out better for everyone in the end.

4. No boasting. Whatever you’ve read, arrogance is silly and makes no one want to shag you.

5. Up-to-date knowledge of current events / media beef / politics will help steer conversation into neutral zones. It will also allow you ascertain whether your date is nice / normal. In the immortal words of Bridget Jones, circulate oozing intelligence.