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Margaret Pyke Centre Under Threat

9th December 2015


Cuts to sexual health services threaten the Margaret Pyke Centre in King’s Cross.

The sexual health clinic in Wicklow Street faces possible closure by the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) following cuts to their budget. But the trust might have picked on the  wrong guys (sorry, gals) to squeeze. A campaign and petition to save the centre has had medical students and patients taking part in several protests. The most recent was held outside Islington Town Hall where schoolgirls shoved balloons and pillows under their jumpers to highlight the consequences of reducing the availability of contraception.

CNWL have denied that there will be a reduction in services adding that campaigns like these worry current staff. But Dr Jayne Kavanagh, who has worked at the Margaret Pyke Centre for 18 years says that any anxiety among staff is caused by the trust’s opaque approach to cutting contraceptive services.

So far the petition has been signed by over 6,000 people.

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