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It's all about sex… apparently

11th November 2015

Modigliani’s Reclining Nude has been sold at Christie’s for £113,000,000, supposedly to a Chinese collector (with a Dom Yuan complex?). And so when the ER office syndicate wins the Euromillions jackpot on Friday (almost a dead cert, crack open the Krug for a pre-celebration tipple, Camilla) we won’t even be in the running for a bang up post-Impressionist such as by this doomed, consumptive Italian. They tell us the astronomical price, the second most expensive painting ever to sell at auction, is all about sex. Maybe, but only in the sense of showing a fuck-off picture like this to your peers who, like you, aren’t going to need a Courtauld PhD to see that the girl is smokin’ hot. Call us pretentious, Grayson, but we’d rather have the far sexier Titian’s Venus of Urbino. So ciao, Uffizi Gallery, let us know when you’re thinking of deaccessioning this one…

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