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It's addictive, ye ken…

26th September 2014


Sandra Dick of the Edinburgh Evening News reports on The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity who have come up with a list of 10 ways to ascertain whether you are addicted to sex or not. The Athens of the North reporter cites another daughter of Auld Reekie, Gail Porter, as a bravely self-outed sex addict.

The gorgeous alopecia-sufferer and TV personality Gail recently told The Daily Mail  that she attended a sex addicts group, but that when she came out, “…it’s like, do we go for a burger afterwards – or back to someone’s home?” and consequently felt compelled to join a female-only group.

Just as well that Gail and fellow-sufferers didn’t resist the ‘coffee at my place?’ offer and agree to go for a burger. Those burger joints aren’t as innocent as they seem. Take Copenhagen’s raunchiest fast food outlet,  Hot Buns. Here you can order a cock ring with your side of onion rings. This burger-kitchen-cum-sex-shop could set back clinical research into sex addiction by years, because  controversy is now raging at Erotic Towers – which is more addictive: a medium-rare burger with home fries or sex?

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