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From Rochester to…

2nd July 2014

Yesterday evening to Soho’s Ingestre Place to find the Society Club in full swing and rejoicing at the publication of Alex Larman’s book, Blazing Star, all about the life of one John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester. After enjoying the party and clinking beer bottles with the author I went on my merry way down Peter Street where I was accosted by a Lady of the Night. A blonde, svelte vision in pink, and like me no stranger, I would think, to the Freedom Pass. The conversation went something like this:

LotN: Hello, darling, how are you?
Me – thinking how Rochester would have enjoyed all this, but not breaking my stride: I’m fine darling, and how are you?
LotNtowards my retreating form: Not much one for the ladies, then…
Me – keen to shoot off a Parthian one, but instead coming up with no more than a muttered: Hmm, I think you’ve got me all wrong there…

And this encounter’s silver lining? The discovery that at last I am too old to blush at this sort of confrontation.

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