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Erotic Short Story Competition Results Announced

30th January 2013


Who says excessive exposure to sex can leave you desensitized? Over the course of our short story competition, we’ve peeked in at countless threesomes, winced as numberless submissives were degraded, and eaten more strawberries and cream on more satin bedspreads than you ever knew existed. And yet we’re still feeling deeply scandalised by some of the things the human imagination can devise.  So, well done to all the entrants.

But although we’ve enjoyed an especially unseemly competition this time round, we’ve managed to pick out the three stories that we feel have most deeply affected our sensibilities, and we’d like to reward them for their efforts.

Here they are:

In third place Elaine Fowler with My Dear Mrs Gardiner…, who wins a miniature of U’luvka Vodka

In second place Jenny Walcott with  The Indiscretionwho wins dinner and cabaret for two at one of Proud Camden’s central London venues

And in first place, Will Burgess with Sublime, who wins a magnum of U’luvka Vodka.

And all the winners will be had round for a strictly-off-the-records lunch at Erotic Towers.

Many thanks to all those who entered, and commiserations to those who lost out. But keep a look out for further competitions.

The winning entries are soon to be published on our website, staggered from last place to first. Brace yourselves.

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