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Cheerless Observations

30th September 2014


The Observer published on Sunday the findings of its 2014 sex survey and the report Jim Mann compiled from the paper’s data makes sobering reading.

16% of all the anonymous respondents (and 21% of some demographics) would have gay sex outlawed and 23% would not consider having sex with someone of a different colour.

37% of all respondents are dissatisfied with their sex lives but conventional catalysts for reigniting the spark are left well alone by the majority. Only 31% of those interviewed described their sex lives as adventurous and over half had never used a sex toy or turned to the delights of erotica.

And to top it all off, 61% of respondents believe that it’s possible to maintain a happy romantic relationship without a jot of sex.

Given that The Observer only surveyed 1052 people, their findings are best taken with a pinch of salt but that doesn’t mean there’s no truth behind them.  It doesn’t mean that we’re not harbouring too much intolerance and too many inhibitions. And it certainly doesn’t mean that we should get complacent in the under-covers struggle for more satisfying sex.


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