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7th June 2015


A lot of male politicians who’ve felt the need to stray from the conjugal bedchamber seek comfort in a spot of extramarital sex; indeed David Mellor’s friend, Antonia de Sancha once wrote a column for Erotic Review. But her choice always gave us pause for thought: this must surely be an example of where the aphrodisiac properties of power triumph over distaste.

11.  Jeremy Thorpe’s sexuality dogged his political career. Then his secret gay lover complained of being hounded. Things came to a climax in 1979 with a murder trial and Thorpe losing his seat. What was the name of the only fatality in this sordid story?
12.  In 1969 Senator Ted Kennedy left a party on Chappaquiddick Island with an attractive young female colleague but drove off Dyke Bridge and into the sea. The car sank and overturned. He swam away and she drowned. What was her name?
13.  Which prime minister loved to chop down trees by day and accost sex workers by night, then guiltily wrote up the latter experience in a partially encoded diary?
14.  Who was the unfortunate sex worker to whom Jeffrey Archer paid ‘an Archer’, i.e. £2,000, thereby unwittingly taking part in a newspaper sting, a perjury trial and the eternal enshrinement of his wife’s fragrance?
15.  What was the name of Lord Prescott’s secretary, with whom Old Two-Jags conducted a two-year affair that started at an office party in 2002?
Tomorrow, you’ll probably get the answers to all 15 questions. At some stage. If we can wake up the quiz person. 


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