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Are you really a Sexpert? Summer Quiz - Part 1

5th June 2015


Sex pervades every aspect of culture and human endeavour. So it is a theme that runs through our history, which forms the first third of our 15-question quiz.
1. Which French philosopher who, having enjoyed his first orgy, was asked if he wanted to take part in another the next evening, succinctly declined, saying: “Once a philosopher, twice a pervert.”
2. The Japanese are famous for their elaborate manners and rigid social structures. They also have a reputation for being the most perverted country on earth. From the 17th century onwards, they have practiced a highly intricate form of bondage, and over time, developed this into a sexual aesthetic. Knotty, but nice. But what is its name in Japanese?
3. Polygamous Brigham Young, the man who took over from the Mormons founder, Joseph Smith, had quite a few wives, though not quite as many as King Solomon, who was reputed to have had 700. Most of us can only deal with one wife at a time (just ask Fiona Shackleton why). So how many did Brigham actually have?
4. History’s had its fair share of Bad Girls. Cleopatra, Messalina, Empress Wu. So what was the name of the Hungarian countess who kidnapped local virgins wholesale, tied them by their feet to the bathroom rafters, slit their throats and bathed in their blood? All because she thought she’d discovered a sixteenth century version of Botox. And because she thought she was worth it.
5. The man with the largest penis in Britain is about 2,000 years old. The Cerne Abbas Giant is a depiction of Hercules, sporting a 26-foot erection. In which English county does he reside?

Answers tomorrow, with our quiz’s next section, Entertainment

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