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2nd June 2015

Anonymous Anonymous:

Tweets. Tumblrs. LinkedIns. Yahoos and Googles. Hashtags. Wikipedias. Porn, obviously. 8,469,395 YouTube views.­ Scouring Facebook photos of yourself from 2007 and wondering where that super-directional velour miniskirt got to. Internet obsessions: young and old, rich and poor – we’re all guilty. And unlike addiction to booze or drugs, slavery to the web isn’t unanimously regarded as a vice in the same league; only very slowly is it being recognised as the serious problem it can become.

So would you consider a support group? Anonymous Anonymous is the Tressillian company’s debut production, and uses this novel idea as the basis for “exploring the moment where our offline and online lives collide”. Playing out in real time in a church hall, the characters must perform a series of exercises translating online behaviour into flesh and blood.

Director Grace Gummer says: “We’ve created a play which deals with the Internet in a way I haven’t ever seen. It forces the audience to look at their own relationship with the Internet – how do we modify our behaviour from the physical world? Does it affect our offline identity, subconsciously or otherwise? Is the Internet a want or a need? Would this be a problem? And importantly, who decides?”

We’ll be reviewing the show later this month, so watch this space – and in the meantime nab your tickets here.

Tickets are now on sale for £10 / £8 concession (includes under 25s).

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