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Julie Cook

9th September 2014

Julie Cook is an award-winning artist specialising in photography-based projects and a Senior Lecturer in Photography at University of East London. The politics of looking and the relationship between private and public are amongst the themes that bind together her impressive corpus of work.

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19th July 2014

RORY MIDHANI is a freelance editorial/narrative illustrator interested in telling stories within a single page. The work he enjoys the most is creating scenes of real and imagined places, with an emphasis on character. Click on the image to see more of his amazing work.

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Clarissa Cozzi – illustrator

20th May 2014

CLARISSA COZZI is an illustrator, living and working in Milan. To see her Gallery Feature, click on the image above

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Ingrid Berthon-Moine: Baguette and… Marbles

17th April 2014

'In Marbles, a series of photographs of male Greek marble statues, the images are closely cropped and focus on specific parts of the male anatomy. The final photographs are enlarged with the intention of producing an indecipherable photograph oscillating between landscape and medical documentation.

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Szymon Brodziak shoots 'Lascivious'

10th September 2013

Photographer Szymon Brodziak is Poland's answer to Helmut Newton. An Economics graduate with a passion for photography, Brodziak's evocative images in the past have won him numerous awards. For a slideshow of his work for Lascivious lingerie is available to view here.

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Gallery: Alexis Hunter & Jo Spence

27th August 2013

From the 22nd August to the 27th September, Richard Saltoun gallery will be exhibiting a series of feminist works by photographers Alexis Hunter and Jo Spence. Both women display a resistance to rigid gender roles and societal expectations in their work, addresses themes such as trauma and social change. Details of the exhibition, curated by George Vasey, can be found here.

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Vixen Obscura - El Libro Malo

16th August 2013

El Libro Malo, 'The Bad Book'; a provocative title for Ivana Ford's new book of erotic photography. Exploring the sensuality of the female form, she describes the photos as "manifestations of lust". A self-taught photographer, Ford has been published in a number of erotic magazines and books, including Robinson's The Mammoth Book of Erotic Women in Photographs and Playboy. The book is self-published, and was crowd-funded, while the subject matter is highly personalised. "All my desires, vanities, obsessions, demons: everything is revealed in these pictures," states Ford.

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False Modesty

6th August 2013

"What began as a purely comedic idea has raised some more serious debate. When I exhibited the work last year, the reactions we got were quite diverse. A few people laughed and laughed, some were nonplussed, and some found it all highly distasteful, and didn't try to conceal the fact that they thought I was a massive weirdo."

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Gallery: Jose Furtado

2nd August 2013

Jose Furtado says, of his boldly erotic work, that he's drawn to the 'spontaneous and natural'. Some of his raunchier collections, featuring people trussed up and suspended from the ceiling, might not initially seem so natural, but it seems that's all down to our traditional British coyness when it comes the sexual: "…here in Spain we consider the erotic… something daily, without taboos, so for me it is not easy or difficult, just natural."

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Contact High: Naked Girls Smoking Weed

29th July 2013

Contact High is a new collection of works by photographer Richard Kern. Inspired by a chance encounter with a young model who reminded him of the girls of his pot-smoking days, the collection is imbibed with youthful hedonism, nostalgia and innocence. Kern says of the premise for the photographs, "I spent a lot of time with my friends smoking pot, listening to music, running around in the woods and sometimes swimming naked. Back then, when I was around a naked girl, weed was either about to be smoked or had been smoked."

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