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15th February 2016


When we approached Mr Bingo for an interview he initially told us to, “Fuck off” followed swiftly with a “JOKING!” We couldn’t have hoped for a better opening exchange. Known for being paid to hurl abuse at paying customers from the back of a postcard, this illustrator teaches us that everything can be turned into an art-form, even insults. For his latest series of images, Dirty Queen, Mr Bingo decided that the front of the letter needed a bit of filth too. We got to ask him just exactly what the hell he thinks he’s playing at?


ER: To your knowledge, is using an image of the Royal Majesty our Queen in this way an act of treason?
Mr Bingo: From a little bit of digging around online, it seems the ‘big four’ are planning death, violation, levying war and slea. I don’t know what ‘slea’ means, but these rules were written in fucking 1351. So as far as I can see, what I’m doing isn’t treason.

ER: Are you republican?
Mr Bingo: No, I have nothing against the Royal Family, I just think it’s funny to do sexy stuff with the Queen.

ER: What do you admire most about the queen?
Mr Bingo: She’s got a lovely set of puppies. I mean corgis. Dogs. Fully grown dogs.

ER: What do you admire about the Royal family the least?
Mr Bingo: I’m not really sure what they’re for.

ER: Do you think HM would take insults in good humour?
Mr Bingo: I like to think Ma’am would be into them yes. People always forget that most humans are all the same deep down. Just because she’s The Queen, it doesn’t mean she hasn’t enjoyed a good fingering or delivered some excellent head in her life. People sort of assume that maybe she just sits around being posh and demure, and can’t possibly have a vagina, but none of us know what really goes on behind closed doors. I was sacked from HSBC in 2003 for sketching a portrait of Global Chairman Sir John Bond on an envelope addressed to him. The funny thing is, he never saw it, it was intercepted by his secretary who didn’t understand it. They’re all robots in those big buildings and they follow rules and instructions so anything slightly outside their fixed codes is immediately shut down. Maybe he would’ve liked it though huh? I reckon he would’ve done.

ER: If you met the Queen what would you hope she’d say?
Mr Bingo: “The likeness is pretty accurate, have you been spying on me babes?”

ER: What were you doing when you thought these images up?
Mr Bingo: I didn’t really ‘think them up’, I search for a lot of reference on the internet of the ladies of a similar body shape to The Queen, in provocative poses. I’m not going to tell you what search terms I used. I have a large file of material.

ER: What’s the best insult you’ve ever been given?
Mr Bingo: My friend James once called me a ‘small brained cunt’. My mum often refers to me a ‘loser’ and ‘rather sad’ because I go on holiday on my own a lot. Honestly, she’s unbelievable.

ER: If you could insult anyone who would it be and what would you say to them?
Mr Bingo: Donald Trump. I would say “You are a cunt” to him.

ER: What’s the greatest compliment to be given in life?
Mr Bingo: I don’t know really, but personally, Louis Theroux coming out of nowhere and backing my Kickstarter was a pretty big deal for me.

ER: Are you the King of Negging?
Mr Bingo: I like to think I’m up there with the best of them. If the question was “Are you the best in the world at sending offensive messages to people via the medium of the postcard?” I’d say yes I am.

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