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Andru Fijalkowski

14th February 2013

An extraordinary combination of solidity and delicacy mark this artist's highly original work

Bristol-based artist, Andru Fijalkowski, says, “The inspiration for my art comes from dreams, myths, travels and intuition. My works are mainly figurative and my root influences are what I experience, (the pain and pleasure of life). I believe that creativity is a pathway to the soul, it both expresses and illuminates.”

The last 20 years have been divided between working in the Karroo Desert and the UK, creating series of work, such as ‘Angels and Devils’.

A solo exhibition of “Hookers and Lookers” (the recent work shown on the Saatchi site), at “The Butter Market”, Brindley Place, Birmingham, during October and November 2008.

Each life-size work I created alone, starting with a bag of plaster, which I then worked over, using layers of various materials, including mirror, found objects, lead and glow paint. The work was painstaking, with each sculpture taking many months to complete.

Following the “Hookers and Lookers” series, I have been creating “My little people that have come down from the hills…” and these can be viewed on my website.

All artwork is available for sale.


Contact details and more work can be seen at the artist’s website HERE



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