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Close Your Eyes

by David Hofberg / 17th October 2012

Smiling lips breathe honeyed words

“Close your eyes.”

“They’re closed.”

“What do you see?”

“Things I shouldn’t.”

“Does that worry or excite you?”

“Both. It excites me.”

“Tell me what you see.”

“I see… ”

“Tell me.”

“ …I see you.”

“What am I doing?”

“Standing. Behind me. You’re smiling. It’s… it’s not a broad smile, but it’s warm, adoring. You look… I don’t know if I want to go here…”

“Tell me.”

“You look like you’re in love. With me… Yes, and when I said that, your smile flashed wider. Your naughty boy smile. Mischievous.”

“And where are you?”

“I’m sitting down, in my chair. I’m at the office, and your hand… You reach out with your hand to touch my hair, but don’t. Your hand… It’s as if you’re stroking my hair, but not touching me. I can feel your hand above my head, like static electricity. I can feel my hair… it’s as if it’s standing on end, drawn to your hand. It’s like feeling the hair rise at the back of my neck but all over. My whole body feels that way.”

“Do you like the feeling?”

“Yes… ”

“Would you like me to touch you… ?”

“ …I don’t know. Yes. No. Both.”

“You’re doing your smile.”

“What smile?”

“The one that says, ‘You know what I think; why are you asking?’”


“Are you wet?”

“ …I’m clenching and unclenching so much I could come any second. God yes, I’m wet. If you touched me… My whole body feels tense, thinking you might touch me here or here or here. Every inch of my skin is anticipating being touched by you.”

“Slide your hips forward.”


“Shh, just do as I ask. Slide your hips forward… Spread your legs.”

“I… ”

“Just move your knees apart.”

“Like this?”

“Yes… Are you still wet?”

“More… More now. My cunt’s aching, I… ”

“How often have I seen you like this, naked, wet for me… ?”

“ …many.”

“And how I kneel – ”


“How I kneel in front of you. And slide my hands under your arse feeling your smooth skin and lift you to my face, kissing you gently… here… Are your eyes still closed?”


“Can you feel the warmth of my hands and my mouth on you?”

“ …yes.”

“And the way I smell you. Lift your cunt to my nose and inhale. Deeply. Your smell is like… Smelling you energises me, feeds me. It’s like a drug. I feel the energy racing around my body, all of it going to my cock, making me harder, making me feel I might explode, wanting to be inside you, to feel you all around me. It’s intoxicating, smelling your scent… ”

“ …yes.”

“And tasting you, my tongue on you. Always so wet. I can see how wet you are just by looking at you. I don’t even have to part your lips. And you taste like… I’ve always said honey. You taste sweet with just a little copper and your wetness… It’s not just moist. It has… it has the texture of honey. I could survive on your cunt. I really believe I could drink you each day and live forever.”

“And I… ”

“Tell me.”

“I can feel your tongue… inside me. I feel goosebumps everywhere… I can feel your stubble against me, rough, pressing into my skin as your tongue slides deep inside me. I can feel you straining to reach as far inside me as possible, your tongue circling all around, wanting to taste every part of me. I feel your mouth close right over me, your tongue moving to my clit and then drawing it between your lips.  Sucking it. Biting it. Taking my labia in your mouth, feeling your teeth against me. The way sometimes you become… hungry, ravenous. Sometimes I think you’ll bite right into me.”

“I’ve wanted to. To make you a part of me. To make you totally mine. For there to be no difference between you and me. To have you inside my body.”

“And when you fuck me… You kiss me on the mouth. I taste myself on your lips and tongue. And I feel… bad, dirty. Tasting my own cunt from your mouth makes me throb and that’s when I feel your cock find me. We never need hands. Your cock can always find my cunt and my cunt can always find your cock. And I feel its head easing my lips apart. You tease me like that. You keep the head right there, just easing in and out. I try to move my hips down on you, to take you all inside, but you won’t let me. You always wait until you’re ready, and then you slam your cock right into me, all the way. Like an explosion of light. It’s like… stepping into a cold shower, but warm. Shocking. I can feel you like electricity touching every nerve throughout my body, all centred on my cunt. My nerves stretching, pulling on my cunt from all directions. And I want to… scream, digging my fingers into you. I want to totally let go. To just be there. With you. Inside me. And that’s all there is. All I want.”

“I look into your eyes, your eyes the most revealing things about you. When I fuck you, your eyes are the things that tell me how much you surrender, how vulnerable you are. Your eyes show your intensity. It’s like hanging from a ledge and me the only thing stopping you from falling, and you trusting me to save you. It’s like that every time. Each time, you go out on a limb, totally immersing yourself. And when we come together… I understand your body so well, the way you understand mine. What you need. What you want… And sometimes afterwards you cry, and I hold you in my arms. We can be depraved and we can be tender, all within moments of each other… ”

“ …I know.”

“Our bodies are made for each other.”

“ …yes.”

“Do you believe I love you?”

“ …I know you love me.”

“Do you love me… ? There, you’re doing that smile again.”

“What smile?”

“The one that says, ‘You know what I think; why are you asking?’”

“And you just did your mischievous smile. The one that says ‘I know what the answer is, but I like to hear the answer anyway.’”

“You think you know me pretty well, don’t you?”

“I know I know you pretty well.”

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