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Jane Ions

Jane Ions has been writing for a number of years now on a variety of topics, some close to her heart, and some which she cared nothing about. She has written for national and local newspapers, and Punch magazine. During her years as a teacher of A level psychology she wrote very regularly for AS and A2 psychology students, although it is possible that not much of that body of work was actually read. Since leaving teaching she has written a play for amateur dramatic societies about a small cohort of extra terrestrials who land on Scoat Fell in Cumbria. It is hilarious yet thought provoking, as such an event would inevitably be.

However, her local amateur dramatic group are reluctant to stage it. They have concerns about the characterisation of the principal alien, who they consider to be an unsympathetic exaggeration of a megalomaniac from the planet Vego. Jane has also just finished writing a book which is currently looking for a publisher, but wishes to make it known that no extra terrestrials feature in its pages.