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An Evening with the Erotic Review at Ognisko, the Polish Club Restaurant

The Location, Date & Time

Ognisko Restaurant
The Polish Club

on Tuesday, February 24th 2015

at 6.30 pm

Tickets on the door: £10 for admission with a glass of wine; NB: the event starts at 7.00 pm sharp. For those wishing to eat afterwards, there will be a good value special menu available. Call 0207 589 0101 to book a table.

The Readers

Kate Copstick Scottish actress, television presenter, writer, critic, director and producer, was for some years owner-publisher of ER but is now its Editor at Large. At the Edinburgh Fringe, she was a Perrier Comedy Award judge in 2003 and 2004. Recently she has been spending much time in Kenya working with HIV+ women and their families. Her unique charity, Mama Biashara (Business Mother) works to set these women up in small businesses thus making them financially independent. If you visit Fort William, you may listen to Copstick’s voice, which is recorded to make the announcements at the train station.

Ian Dunt, ERs Political Editor, is editor of He specialises in issues around immigration, civil liberties, democracy, free speech and social justice and appears regularly on the BBC, Sky and Al-Jazeera as well as a variety of radio stations. He also writes lifestyle columns for other publications and websites.


Jonathon Green, author of Voices from the Sexual Revolution, is a lexicographer specialising in slang, about which he has been compiling dictionaries, writing and broadcasting since 1984. After working on his university newspaper he joined the London ‘underground press’ in 1969, working for most of the then available titles, such as Friends, IT and Oz. As a freelancer he has broadcast regularly on the radio, made appearances on TV, including a 30-minute study of slang in 1996, and and written columns both for academic journals and for the Erotic Review. His slang work has reached its climax, but not its end, with the publication in 2010 of Green’s Dictionary of Slang, a three volume, 6,200-page  dictionary ‘on historical principles’ offering some 110,000 words and phrases, backed up by around 410,000 citations or usage examples.

Nichi Hodgson is a 30-old-year journalist, broadcaster, and author living in London. She regularly contributes to the Guardian, the New Statesman and the Telegraph on civil liberties and censorship issues, sex and the law, and gender politics. She also writes a sex column for Men’s Health, is director of the Ethical Porn Partnership and author of Bound To You. Nichi has done time as Assistant Editor on ER


Sarah-Jane Lovett is a Diarist for the Evening Standard and The Times – and also a sparkling poet and doyenne of The Bad Sex Awards and co-author of Dangerous Women, A Book for Modern Life


Jamie Maclean ER’s Founder and Editor. Jamie started the Erotic Review in 1995, handed it over to Rowan Pelling two years later, who handed it on to the late Felix Dennis (Rowan, where’s that obit??), then watched, mildly appalled as it boomeranged back to him in 2007. He’s been trying to find someone to take on the mantle of editor ever since, but is now more or less resigned to his fate for the foreseeable future. He lives in London.


Zoe Pilger - Zoe Pilger is an art critic for The Independent and author of Eat My Heart Out, which was published by Serpent’s Tail in 2014, and will be published by The Feminist Press in the US in May 2015. She is currently working on her second novel. Photo by Francesca Allen.



An Evening with the Erotic Review will be presented by Ali May, ERs International Editor. Ali is an award-winning writer and a broadcaster. In a previous life he has done strange things, including import of lorries to Iran from Japan and being enlisted as a marine – not by choice – when he didn’t know how to swim. He is writing his first novel.

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